How Prannoy Roy begged PM Modi twice in a bid to get corruption cases cancelled against him!

NDTV chief Prannoy Roy, who was raided few months back by the CBI at his Delhi residence, tried every possible trick in the last 3 years to impress PM Modi so that his duplicity would get a cover-up.  Roy gave a speech at the Press Club on Friday evening and thundered, “Never crawl before the power”. Let us look at the hypocrisy of the NDTV head. Prannoy Roy crawled not once, but twice before PM Modi to patch-up the NDTV matters.

Senior staffers in NDTV (who wish to stay anonymous) remember Prannoy Roy gushing praises of Modi, that Modi was so warm and courteous and delighted on NDTV’s plan to popularise Swachh Bharat. 

When PM Modi announced the Swachh Bharat Mission in October 2014, Prannoy Roy saw it an opportunity to reach out to PM Modi. One senior Cabinet Minister was also a part of Roy’s idea. The minister fixed a one-on-one meeting with Modi & Prannoy Roy in late 2014. By this time the Enforcement Directorate (ED) was on its way to slap a 2030 crores notice to NDTV for violation of FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act).

Roy was very happy to have met PM Modi. He told some of his staff members that Modi was very warm & courteous. He also told the senior staffers at NDTV (who wish to stay anonymous) that he had plans to popularise Swacch Bharat. NDTV managed to bring in Dettol as a sponsor for the clean India initiative.

Roy also said that PM Modi did not show any signs of losing his cool over NDTV’s ‘special coverage’ of the Gujarat riots in 2002. The Prime Minister had also suggested that the Roys should go on a vacation to Rann of Kutch. Prannoy Roy & his wife Radhika Roy left for their vacation Rann of Kutch within a few weeks. PM Modi was regularly tweeting about Swacch Bharat. Prannoy Roy also followed. The cabinet Minister was pressuring the ED during this time. The Minister did not want the ED to send the FEMA notice.

After his return from Rann of Kutch, Roy managed to meet PM Modi again. The Cabinet Minister helped Roy in organizing another one-on-one meeting with the PM. This was in early 2015. Roy then thanked PM Modi for suggesting the wonderful holiday. The following day Roy was delighted and in his newsroom meeting suggested that PM Modi was now a changed man and was going by the guidance of the cabinet minister. Roy’s happiness ended soon.

The pliable revenue secretary Shaktikanta Das was changed & ED slapped a notice of 2030 crores on NDTV under the FEMA violation. The IT slapped a 525 crore notice for Tax violation. Now Prannoy Roy is advising journalists to not crawl before the power. The change in perspective, comes after his frauds were exposed. You thought that PM Modi will go soft on the corrupt, but our PM is not ‘flexible’ unlike other PMs. You tried buttering the PM twice so that your sins would get a cover-up. But this is the ‘New India’, where even the rich, powerful & corrupt will not go unpunished. Don’t use vendetta as an excuse to hide your misdeeds.

The main person who happen to expose NDTV and their corruption and money laundering was Dr Subramaian Swamy who was determined to drag them to courts. Fearing arrest, James Prannoy Roy went to the extent of writing a letter to Prime Minister literally begging him not to oblige towards Subramanian Swamy’s request of investigating the NDTV frauds.

In his letter Prannoy Roy equated NDTV’s reputation as India’s reputation and almost threatened PM Modi saying that India will face consequences if the probe against NDTV is continued. What is absurd is the way he puts his argument by claiming that the Income Tax department and Enforcement Directorate are working under the pressure of Dr Swamy and he’s doing it as an act of vengeance.

He goes on to claim that the CEO of GE and NBC are innocents and all their investment towards NDTV is genuine and transparent. He gives certification to GE and NBC based on his interaction with them saying “they are very good people with integrity.” So…should we believe these people are good just because James Roy had an interaction with them???! He has accused the income tax and ED of falsely charging the CEOs on the orders of Dr Swamy.

James Roy also warns PM that if any action against NDTV or NBC deters the Foreign Direct Investment to India. He claims if the reputation of NDTV is damaged, India will suffer!

So, a channel which ran a malicious campaign against PM Modi, is now begging the same person to save themselves from getting caught in the money laundering cases.

Credit: PGurus


Alok Shetty