Prashant Poojary Murder: How Social Media Helped to Bring Positive Change in Society

Prashant Poojary, a name which brought Karnataka to stand still for days. The slain man who was murdered for opposing illegal transport of cows.

Prashant Poojary  belonged to small town Moodabidri in Karnataka, hailed from a poor family whose father was a flower vendor. He was humble man who used to attend the needs of people in his town and was a member of VHP.

On the early hours of October 9th 2015 few men on bike arrived at his shop and brutally chopped his head right in front of his father, he was only 29. The entire state was shocked and dumbstruck at the day light murder. The episode created huge uproar against the Congress state government and called for bandh for 2 days.

moodb_091015-1Scene where Prashant was murdered!

The investigations revealed that Prashant Poojary  had staged protest and filed complaint against the cow slaughter mafia in the district just a week before his murder. This had annoyed the mafia gang which was no longer able to transport cow illegally.  The CCTV footage helped the police identify the culprits, but however they were not immediately arrested. Few days later, many news channels reported that the people who killed Prashant Poojary were closely associated with a local Congress MLA Abhay Chandra Jain. These men were also from the Popular Front of India organization which is known for extreme Anti-India and terror activities.


One of the shocking incident is that, Vamana Poojary who was an eye witness to this case committed suicide just after he agreed to appear in court. This incident definitely raises numerous questions whether he really committed suicide. The state government showed no interest in the case and tried to cover up many evidences.

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Following these events, the social media activists stood up for Prashant Poojaryi’s family which turned into a huge campaign. The murder of Prashant Poojary became a talking point at National level and all MSM covered the news for days demanding justice.  Noticing the family’s miserable financial condition, Mahesh Vikram Hegde and Manoj Shetty who hails from the same place started a campaign on social media by contributing Rs 25,000/-  and requested people to provide financial help for Prashant Poojary’s family.

Mr. Mahesh put a strong argument criticizing the selective outrage of so called secular parties who provide crores of money, flat and jobs  to a person involved in theft, but there is absolutely no concern to a person who stopped illegal cow trade. The local Congress MLA had not even paid a visit to Poojari’s house. The news was picked up in social media and went viral in hours. Many people started donating to his family. Sham Bhat and Sadana Bhat who belong to same place gave a major boost to the campaign by donating Rs 25,000/- Social activists and writers like Shefali Vaidya, Dr Vaidhya, Mahaveer, Mumbai Hotel Association played a huge role in making the campaign successful.



The campaign also picked momentum in United States who contributed around 5 Lakhs.


In a span of 15 days, Prashant Poojary family received a whooping Rs 15 Lakhs from around India and abroad. This was one of the most successful campaign which helped Poojari’s family in a big way. It set a good precedent as to how social media can be utilized for a good purpose rather than just using it for virtual fun.

Mahesh Vikram Hegde who started the campaign started receiving threat calls from Dubai during the campaign. But nothing could stop people from helping Prashant Poojary.


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