‘Prashant Kishor missing, Rs 5 Lakh to those who finds him’: Congress leader!

Congress miseries seem to have no end. First they lost UP which was a big blow to their report card. Just after the elections, the Congress cadres are raising question on Rahul Gandhi’s leadership. Many senior leaders of Congress like Kamal Nath, P Chidambaram, Sandeep Dixit, Capt. Amarinder, Priya Dutt have all started to target the high command saying there is no place for opinion and potential leaders. The Congress party workers are also not happy with the turn of events and want Rahul Gandhi to step down. The Congress workers were also not very happy with the induction of Prashant Kishor as the chief elections strategist.

Now, in a very unexpected turn of events, the Congress party workers have posted pictures of Prashant Kishor, claiming that he was missing after the election results were out and have also announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh for whoever finds him.

Congress leader Rajesh Singh, a secretary from Ballia district is said to have instructed the party workers to post pictures of Prashant Kishor in Lucknow Congress office. He has asked people to find him and bring Prashant Kishor in front of party workers. Congress state president Raj Babbar, who saw the poster just before entering the office, asked party workers to immediately remove it. He later claimed it was too early to blame anyone for the poll debacle.

Rajesh Singh said that he put up the poster on behalf of “all Congressmen” and said the party workers needed some answers this time. “For the last one year, we have been made to work like fools… without asking any questions. We were told to work as he (Kishor) wanted us to without any ifs and buts… we did so thinking that probably it was best for the revival of the party. But now we need answers.”

“They might remove the posters, but this is what many Congress workers are thinking and they would say the same sooner or later…,” he added.

But what is even more bizarre is, the Congress continues to live in denial mode and instead of answering the people, the Congress party has suspended Rajesh Singh on Sunday from the party for six years for questioning party’s leadership.

But even after he was removed from the party, Rajesh Singh said “I stand by what I did. Prashant Kishor took us for a ride. We are honest workers who have given our blood and sweat for the party. Yet our views in the election were totally ignored. This (defeat) is the result of hiring these consultants who are out to make a quick buck.”

Despite Congress workers demanding answers, Rahul Gandhi doesn’t seem to care much and has already gone abroad claiming to visit his mother who is said to be sick. But many people on social media have raised serious doubts about Sonia and Rahul Gandhi’s foreign visit. This man who keeps giving speeches saying that he wants to see a day where Obama uses “Made in Uttar Pradesh” bedsheets, and Obama’s wife using utensils “Made in Jaunpur” should first dream of his mother asking for “made in India doctors” for her medical treatment!

There are various questions as to why Sonia Gandhi hides about her foreign trips, where do they go, whom do they meet, as MP’s who represent people of India they owe the country a proper explanation. This exact nature of arrogance, ‘care for none attitude’ is something which Gandhi family has been following since decades. They take people for granted and believe they are answerable to none!

Aishwarya S