What are the Preparations Rahul Gandhi made Before he Visited SBI Bank in Delhi??

Two days back, Rahul Gandhi made a dramatic appearance at an SBI Bank in Delhi claiming to withdraw 4000 Rupee from bank.

His appearance was covered on all channels and some of the pro-congress channels even showed him as a hero and told “he has come to share the pain of the people”.

But do you know what are the preparations he made before he visited SBI bank??

Firstly, Rahul Gandhi used his most luxurious car which costs 75 Lakhs to come to SBI bank. He asked many of his Congress supporters to assemble near the ATM and pretend to be commoners. He took 2-3 personal assistants to fill BANK CHALAN for him.


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Pre assembled Congress supporters

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Apart from this, around 5-6 Land Rover SUVs came along with him for which they spent 8000 Rupee on petrol. There were over 20 SPG guards surrounding Rahul Gandhi, over 50 CRPF officers deployed and around 100 traffic police at the spot to divert the traffic. But “poor” Rahul Gandhi did not have 4000 Rupee in his pocket.

After he arrived at the SBI bank, over 500 people who ever standing in the queue were chased away and Rahul Gandhi squeezed in between the queue and said he came to share the pain of people. He stood for about half hour and got the money and left.

But people later started complaining that they were standing in the queue for more than 2 hours, as soon as Rahul Gandhi came, the police and his body guards asked us to move away to make space for him. Since he is a NeTa he can do what he wants, but we are common people we have to bear these nonsense.

What was the urgency for Rahul Gandhi? Did he have to buy milk, bread or rice?? If not these reason its pretty much clear that he has proved what Modi told yesterday in his speech….“That those people who made huge money in 2G,coal scams are now standing in queue for 4000 Rupee.”

It may take another life for Rahul Gandhi to become a mature human first, before he could prove about his capability as a politician. So it’s better he stops proving himself as a joker every now and then and take retirement from politics. Looks like in his entire life he has never visited Indian bank before, so he is slowly learning in his late 40s how to withdraw cash from bank.

Aishwarya S