With President Trump in Charge, Would Pakistan be Declared as a Terrorist Country??

45th US President, Donald Trump’s affirmative nod towards India and his well-known Anti-Muslim perspective has left Pakistan visibly scared. Pakistan has always been handled with kid-gloves by the United States of America since its formation. The main survival source of this parasite country has been the ‘Charity’ from USA. But 9/11 Attack, Prolonged inaction against Haqqani Network, Holing up of Osama Bin Laden were some of the return gifts of this Parasite country to their benefactor, USA. Pakistan was looking forward to new Mamma Hillary to continue with the pampering process. But the turn of events, much against the hype created by the US Media surprised the world with Donald  Trump’s glorious victory.

The US citizens seem to have had enough of donating their hard earned money to the Terrorist country, Pakistan. The total aid obligated by the United States to Pakistan since Independence (1948-2016) is $ 78.3 Billion. All of it, US tax-payers’ money! Looks like people voted Trump as they are fed up of playing forceful donors to the country which hates them. Yes, people of Pakistan hate the country which is helping them to survive.

Islamist Terrorism is the biggest threat to the world today. No country is spared from their terror attacks. After tasting the victimhood, all the countries are echoing Indian PM Modi’s appeal to stand united against Terrorism. Trump’s forceful stand against Terrorism had made Pakistan hate him. Now, as we know, Pakistan is a protective home to 48 Terror organizations including Jehad, Taliban and Laskar-e-Tyeba .These terror groups are the extension of Pakistan Army. With Trump elected as President of the USA, Pakistan’s hate for him has transformed into deep fear now.

Though the world doesn’t buy their lies, Pakistan has been peddling victimhood of Terrorism. It is also making a show of fighting radical Islam. Now, this new US President doesn’t seem to be in a mood to continue to feed milk to these snakes. To put it briefly, Pakistan is in deep trouble.

In the recent 71st UNGC speech, India’s MEA Sushma Swaraj appealed with all her force to declare Pakistan as the state sponsor of terrorism. Two American Lawmakers have already introduced legislation in the US Congress to designate Pakistan for the same. The bill was moved in the last week of September 2016 by Ted Poe from Texas who is the chairman of House subcommittee on Terrorism and Dana Rohrabacher of California who is the strong votary of Baluch cause. Within one and half months now, the US President has to issue a report detailing whether or not Pakistan has provided support to International Terrorism. With Trump to carry on this job, we can be assured of its successful implementation. 30 days thereon, the Secretary of the State will have to issue a follow-up a report for/against Pakistan with detailed justification.

If Hillary was elected as the President, could India have been hopeful about Pakistan declared as a terrorist country? It’s a matter of debate. But With Donald Trump as the new US President, it looks like a certainty.

To sum it up, we Indians need to thank Americans for electing Mr Trump as their President. We have got an ally in him in our fight against the Terror supporting country Pakistan and its friend China.

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi