Priceless moments : PM Modi breaks security protocol, stops his cavalcade to hug a 4 year old girl in Surat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two day visit to Surat. While the cavalcade of PM Modi was travelling in the city, where he is for multiple inaugurations, a 4 year old girl rushed towards PM Modi’s car. In a priceless moment, PM Modi broke the security protocol, asked his driver to stop the car and hugged the girl.

In a video tweeted by ANI, the 4 year old girl Nancy Gondalia is seen hesitantly rushing towards Modi’s cavalcade. Initially, the girl is stopped by the commandos of Special Protection Group. However, in a wonderful gesture and a great surprise to the onlookers, PM Modi asks his driver to stop the car. Once the car stops, the girl was called back and taken by the SPG commandos to the Prime Minister. PM Modi can be seen huging and saying a few words to 4 year old Nancy. After spending a few moments, the girl was escorted back to her parents. Here is the video.

According to the parents of the girl, PM Modi asked her name and time, pointing towards the wrist watch she was wearing. A visibly smiling and delighted Nancy can be seen being escorted back to her paretns by the SPG commandos after the meeting with PM Modi.

This excellent gesture by PM Modi once again has won millions of hearts all across the nation, and shows his love towards the people of the country. It is the humility of PM Modi that has time and again proved his greatness. Last year, he had carried a ‘divyang’ kid on a stage and asked her to recite a poem, which made many people emotional.

Kshitij Mohan