70th Independence Day Message by Prime Minister to Nation : Presented Report Card and Warns Pakistan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today conveyed greetings to 125 crore countrymen from the ramparts of Red Fort. Addressing the nation, the Prime Minister paid rich tributes to those who sacrificed their lives for “˜Swarajya.”™

Prime Minister gave a clarion call for social justice, social equity and social harmony to truly make our nation great.

Prime Minister while presenting comparative crux of Governance says, there was a time when govt was shrouded by allegations. Now it is surrounded by expectations.

Prime Minister presented his report Card on different fronts and projects and it seems very unifying Independence Day speech by PM, explaining the reach of economic reforms to every citizen in every part of country. He said, Our target is to release 5 Crore new LPG connections in next 3 years under Ujjawala Yojna & if we continue the current pace we may achieve it sooner. He also said about Rural Electrification where his Government had accomplished 10000+ village electrification out of 18, 452 villages. He explained How systematically his Government worked for Farmers. Introduction of Soil Health Card, large number of projects on Irrigation and water conservative, availability of Urea and hybrid seeds are making environment farmer friendly and on the other hand, National Crop Insurance safeguarding them from threats and National Agricultural Market allowing them to sell at better prices.

ceeeHe also explains How beautifully Aaadhar card linkage with all financial transactions is allowing Government to transfer funds directly till the last person hereby curbing corruption. Impact of JAM (Jan Dhan, Aaadhar, Mobile) is now visible on ground.

Prime Minister announced Health Package of Rs.1 lakh per year for people living below poverty line.

Prime Minister also announced 20% rise in pension of all those who were freedom fighters and played important role in freedom of Nation.

Prime Minister announced to create Museums for Tribals in each and every state in remembrance of all those Tribals who sacrificed and contributed for India’s Independence.

Prime Minister slams Pakistan on double standards and showed them mirror by saying that – When Peshawar school was attacked, every heart of India cried but Pakistan glorifies those who attack India. In extension to that Prime Minister thanked people of Gilgit Balgistan and Balochistan for the love and gratitude. This statement from Red Fort is certainly not only statement for Pakistan but it’s a statement for China too. It’s a robust new policy on Pakistan.

Abhishek Singh