Prime Minister Modi Backs Army, Sends Stern Message to Mamata Banerjee!!

This is the highest morale booster for our army men. Since yesterday Chief Minister of Bengal was accusing army for no reason. Ms. Mamata Banerjee had stated that the army was overpowering the state’s law and order and she even said that the army was collecting money at Vidyasagar Setu Toll plaza which is near to State secretariat in Nabanna. She called the deployment of army was going against the principles of democracy. Even when the Army Eastern Command Headquarters issued a clarification that the army men were collecting a statistical data on load carriers, Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief retorted saying that army was misleading the people.

No proof was found to say that army was collecting money. However, it could definitely bring down the morale of the army men because the Chief Minister was scared about them more than terrorists. Her comments seemed to be worrisome, as if there is some state of emergency in the state or army is going for a coup.

But today morning, there came the strongest backing for the army men. The Prime Minister Modi was chairing senior ministers meeting today morning. During his address in the meeting, he said that “no one should question or raise their fingers against the Indian army.” He categorically said that it was wrong to question Indian army. This was a clear message to the Chief Minister of Bengal who was making an issue about army deployment unnecessarily.

This shows the integrity of the Prime Minister who has always stood with army men. Since the time he became the Prime Minister of India, he has celebrated Diwali with soldiers. He gave free hand for the soldiers to give answers to the enemies in the language that they understand. In order to protect the interests of the army personnel, his government went ahead to implement One Rank – One Pension (OROP) which also has helped them to lead a life with dignity.

Akshara Damle

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