Prime Minister Modi has knocked the ball out of the park! He plucked just the right cords with his ‘Howdy Modi’ address!!

Howdy Modi! The event at Houston’s NRG stadium was electrifying. The Indian American population displayed one of the best cultural representation of India.

When the time arrived, Prime Minister Modi was welcomed with a magnificent energy amidst ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ and ‘Modi Modi’ chants. Dhols were adding on to the thumping energy at the stadium.

Prime Minister Modi is well known for his Oratory skills. Howdy Modi event was yet an addition to one if his best speeches.

When Trump and Modi walked on to the stage, they were greeted with standing ovation from the crowd. PM Modi took the opportunity to Welcome Trump and Kick-started Trump’s election campaign like a boss.

PM praised US president saying he has met Trump only a few times and every time, Trump has been the same, warm, friendly, accessible, energetic and full of wit person. He also added “we in India, have connected well with president Trump.

Probably the fight time in American history an Indian PM inagurated Presidential election campaign by saying- ‘abki baar Trump sarkaar.’

India before Modi had always looked upto America in a sort of being inferior or much like America has held an upper hand on India. But PM Modi is completely dominating meeting between the two nation now.

President Trump praised PM Modi’s various efforts towards the development of India. He lauded Modi’s efforts which has brought 300 million people out of poverty. He spoke about trade relations, and improving political friendship between the two countries and also thanked Indian diaspora for contributions towards America.

He stressed on a point of Border security, which is vital to both US and India. Trump said “Committed to protecting innocent civilians from threat of radical Islamist terror“.

He also announced soon several defense deals would be signed between India and US to bolster our security relationship.

When PM Modi started his address to the gathering, he was at his oratory best.

I am an ordinary man he said. “This event is called ‘Howdy, Modi’ but I am only an ordinary man working on the direction of 1.3 billion Indians”.

“If you ask me Howdy Modi, I say everything is fine in India,”

PM knocked a sixer with his answer. He spoke in different Indian languages. He sent a very clear message to those who were crying foul recently on celebration of Hindi Diwas.

“Diversity is unity. This diversity is the core of India’s vibrant democracy, Our various languages are an important identity of our liberal and democratic society. For centuries our nation has been moving forward with dozens of languages and hundreds of dialects” PM Modi said.

Challenging mindsets

PM Modi said today, India is challenging the mindset of some people who believe nothing can change. we are aiming high and we are achieving higher, he added.

DATA is the new gold:

PM Modi explained how cheaper data services has enabled the government to take its services to the people through ‘Digital India’.

Welfare and Farewell:

PM Modi enlisted the ‘Vikas’ yojana that has touched millions of people. He said we are not just working on ‘Welfare’ but also giving ‘Farewell’ to laws which created inequality among citizens.

At this point the whole stadium burst into cheers, everyone had guessed what PM Modi was talking about. When he referred to Article 370, the people showed their respect through standing ovation.

Decisive fight against terrorism:

Time has come to end terrorism, said PM Modi.

“India’s actions within its boundaries causing discomfort to some people who are unable to manage their own country. These people have kept their hatred of India at center of their political agenda. They want to spread unrest and they support and nurture terrorism,”

The attack on Pakistan, even though he didn’t name it, was welcomed with huge cheers from the crowd.

“The whole world knows who they are. We all know where the perpetrators of 9/11 of America and 26/11 of India were found”

PM Modi sent a strong message of a decisive fight against terrorism.

Tax cut down:

Recent cut down on corporate taxes have been received positively by the foreign investors and Modi said the CEO whom he met yesterday were eager to invest in various field at India. Modi also spoke on FDA and ease of doing business.

After the address, PM Modi took Trump’s hand and both the leaders took a tour of NRG stadium.

PM Modi through his speech not only exhibited India’s stand on various issues but also through his body language sent a clear message than we are no less than anyone. We may be developing country but what we are achieving are spectacular and magnificent.

This was just the beginning of his week long US tour and PM Modi has already hit two sixes in two balls!

Dr Sindhu Prashanth