Is Prime Minister Modi Hinting at Complete Election Clean Up???

In an all-party meeting held on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed few other ideas to combat corruption in elections & make them more transparent.

He suggested state funding of polls & simultaneous Lok Sabha & assembly elections. This came amidst the already heated political debate over the demonetisation which is being portrayed as ‘anti-people’ by most of the political parties. Prime Minister also said in the meet that his government is willing to debate the demonetisation in the parliament but he hopes it would be held in such a manner that it sends out a positive signal to the public that the political class is ready to work for the people.

These comments were supported by Trinamool Congress’ Sudip Bandopadhyay who said he had raised the same issues in the meet before PM Modi had joined the deliberations.

State funding of elections along with simultaneous Lok Sabha & assembly elections (plus the demonetisation) will surely curb poll expenditure & make the process cleaner. This is PM Modi’s push towards a completely transparent political environment. The demonetisation was definitely the toughest of these three reforms, & now that that has been announced & implemented (difficulty exists but the situation is easing) the other two are bound to find more support especially from the people.

State funding of elections can solve the following problems –

  • The massive sums of unaccounted money accumulated by parties are used to buy votes by giving it directly to the poor or by buying alcohol or even expensive items like laptops for them.
  • Because of the rampant use of such funds, election results are swayed in favour of undeserving contenders. If state funding is implemented then this problem doesn’t arise.
  • Parties are funded by individuals or corporate houses or even NGO’s who then (if the party they supported wins) get favours ahead of the needs of the common people.

PM Modi is going full throttle to curb the menace of black money not only in society but even in the political circle. This is probably the toughest task for any leader, but in the last 2 months PM Modi has shown that he can’t be underestimated.

Vinayak Jain


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