Prime Minister Modi lead BJP to win with thumping majority if elections held today: TimesNow survey!

If parliamentary elections were to be held in India now, Prime Minister Narendra Modi led NDA is likely to register a sweeping win, Times Now – Voters mood Research (VMR) survey predicted on 29th May, 2017. There was also a 9% increase in vote share for NDA. BJP’s individual seat share has also gone up a notch to 284. As expected Congress is lagging with 58 seats only.

As per the survey conducted on the completion of three years of Narendra Modi government, regional parties like Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress and Naveen Patnaik-led Biju Janata Dal are headed for big losses.

In another prediction, survey says that BJP will get 33 per cent seats if elections are conducted today in West Bengal – a number almost double that of its 2014 performance with 17 per cent. The TMCs share would shrink from 40% to 37%, while the Left is set to suffer a major jolt as its vote share may fall from 30% to 17%, the survey shows. This downtrend in their vote share was expected because the Mamata Banerjee govt had heavily indulged in appeasement politics where the opinions of Hindu community was neglected.

In Odisha, Naveen Patnaik-led BJD is also expected to shrink from 45% to 37% in terms of vote share, while the BJP will double its vote share, registering whopping increase from 21% to 42%. While Congress may only manage to stand at a distant third with 13% vote share.

The popularity of Mr Modi is increasing tremendously. Prime Minister Narendra Modi tops the popularity charts with almost 60% votes, Congress vice-president Rahul stands at a distant second with 11%, while Arvind Kejriwal gets 3.64%. In fact, more than 31% voters think that Narendra Modi is the best Prime Minister India has ever had, Indira Gandhi the second best at 23%.

Many are even satisfied with Modi’s approach towards Pakistan. 66 % said Modi is approaching in the right path. 72% want more pre-emptive military actions like the surgical strike against Pakistan.

We had seen how Congress led opposition had targeted NDA Govt saying that it is interfering in Muslims’ personal matters. But it was surprising to see how 61% said Modi’s approach to Triple Talak as a reformative move.

Now we may hear few political parties crying that the survey was tampered. But this is the truth. We cannot push a person like Rahul Gandhi to be the Prime Ministerial candidate just because he is a son or a grandson of political leaders. Presently we see no match for Modi’s journey from his opponents. To be a leader like him more than abilities, one needs to have a staunch desire to uplift the nation. We don’t need a leader who goes abroad in the name of personal trips like Rahul Gandhi. We need a leader who can sacrifice his sleep and personal desires so that his citizens won’t be disappointed.

As per a press release by channel, the survey predictions were based on 15,600 interviews. It was conducted across 52 Lok Sabha constituencies in 19 different states. The study was done between May 08th to 20th, 2017.

In Lok Sabha Election 2014, BJP had secured 282 seats while Congress got 44 seats. AIADMK had got 37 seats while Trinamool Congress secured 34 seats.

Opposition said surgical strike was fake. Opposition said demonetisation was a disastrous move. Opposition said Modi is targeting minorities by trying to ban Triple Talak. Opposition said Indian Economy is weakening due to Modi govt. But the citizens are the greatest political analysts. They understood the noble vision of Modi to make India a super power and supported him time and again.

Source: Times Now

Rajat Bhandary