Did Prime Minister Narendra Modi sell tea? If yes, then why RTI query doesn’t have any records on it?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is looked up by crores of Indians not just because he is the most powerful leader in today’s world but also because of his dynamic working style. At the age of 67 years, we can hardly find anyone working like PM Modi for 18 hour a day.

PM Modi’s life story is totally inspiring and among various incidents, what could be never forgotten by anyone is Mr Modi sold tea in his earlier days. When PM Modi revealed this interesting part of his life, the entire nation was stunned and happy at the meanwhile. At an era where people born with golden spoon on their mouth as selected as party president, Indians were happy that even hard work can take us to heights.

Why there is no evidence of PM Modi selling tea in his earlier days?

“No official record of Modi being tea-seller, reveals RTI query”, articles with this headline hit the internet in the year 2015. This gave another reason for the desperate opposition to target PM Modi. Vadnagar railway station was the area where PM Modi sold tea with his father during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Even the School, BN High School, where Mr Mod did his schooling was were close to the station.

But this was countered with a statement that there existed no railway tracks as mentioned by PM Modi. Few pseudos even said Vadnagar railway station was constituted in the year 1973. Does this symbolise that PM Modi was lying on selling tea in his younger days?

Here is the information that clarifies whether PM Modi sold tea or not!!!

Firstly, Vadnagar railways station was built by British in 1880’s when they extended broad gauge from Mehsana City to Vadnagar town.

People never lie. This was proved once again when several investigative journalists had interacted with localities of Vadnagar. Especially, the elderly people who had seen PM Modi in his childhood said that PM Modi sold tea along with his father and elder brother in Vadnagar. None had argued that PM Modi was lying. Do we require any sort of validation other than the localities?

Even PM Modi’s classmates have said that they had seen PM Modi running towards the railway station during recess and free hours to help his father to sell tea. Now the hardcore Congress fans may say these people are lying. Ohhh come on, one or two people who are close to PM Modi may lie but will the entire villagers lie? Neighbours, colleagues, relatives and friends, and even PM Modi’s family have said that he sold tea.

This part of evidence is only to the fools and stupids, who question PM Modi’s tea!!!

The main purpose of Right to Information (RTI) is to too seek information pertaining to government organisations. But few fools are using this to trap PM Modi by asking what Mr Modi consumes for his breakfast, lunch and dinner and who pays for his kitchen related expenses. Whether PM Modi sold tea or not is one among such stupid question.

Population of India in the year 1960 was 44 crores and can we expect the government to track each and every person or the employment of theirs? Forget 1960, can we make a list of everyone those who sold tea and worked as a coolie in railway station at Delhi. Absolutely no.

Will the Modi-haters file an RTI seeking information on PM Modi’s mother’s employment?

Nowadays, children aren’t able to find any traces of their grandparents; but Modi-haters want proofs on PM Modi selling tea. For all these people I would like to request that never ever file an RTI seeking whether PM Modi’s mother worked in other houses as a domestic worker.

Hansika Raj


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