Did Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wear ‘Shoe’ Inside Golden Temple…The Video Which Went Viral!!!


Again the shameless Congress and Aam Aadmi Cell have activated their dirty tricks department! Just few days back they had posted  pictures of Bolero car carrying 20,000 cash and claimed that it belonged to the BJP MLA of Madhya. The post was spread in all social media platforms and whats app messages saying that BJP already knew about demonetization and Modi is saving corrupt ministers.

VIRAL VIDEO!!! Was BJP MLA Carrying Rs 20,000 Crore in a Bolero Car???

But the entire truth was exposed by ABP news proving that the money which was being carried in a Bolero car did not belong to the BJP MLA but it was being taken to be deposited in a bank in Maharashtra. The AAP and Congress party had to eat their words after the expose. But seems like they have no shame and are continuing to perform their dirty tricks.

This its about Golden temple! Yes the same people who spread fake news about BJP MLA have now started spreading news that Narendra Modi along with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani wearing SHOES inside the premises of the Golden temple.

They have started to share pictures in social media saying Modi doesn’t respect Sikhs and has insulted the Sikh community by wearing SHOE inside the temple.

This news went viral in on social media, which was taken up by the ABP news and exposed the truth behind it. The news channel did a complete analysis whether Modi really wear shoes inside the temple.

Now take a look at this below picture….

These above pictures were taken when Modi was inside the premises of the temple…So do you see him wearing SHOE??? Will the temple authorities allow him inside if at all he had wore SHOE???

Now see the picture below…

What you see is the entrance and not the inside premises of the temple. This is the place where Modi wore shoe before entering the temple. You can also see that many people wearing shoe in the same place and sitting near the water pond.

The background what you see is the temple before Modi and President of Afghan entered the temple.

Now take a look at this final picture…

This clearly shows that Modi had entered the temple bare foot and he would never commit such a grave crime and disrespect any religion or sentiment by wearing shoe to temple.

Such cheap tricks of AAP is only showing that they are desperate for some issue and only want to malign Modi and his government spreading FAKE stories on social media. They should be ashamed that they do not mind dragging the temple in their cheap and dirty politics. Arvind Kejriwal is doing every other DRAMA except governance.

The only reason they chose Golden Temple is because elections are due next year and they want to spread fake stories to bring bad name to Modi. They should remember if anyone has disrespected the Sikh community then it was Kejriwal himself by posting pics of Golden Temple next to broom.


-Aishwarya. S