‘Priyanka Missing’, ’emotional blackmailer’ posters emerge in Sonia Gandhi’s constituency Rae Bareli!

Seems like Congress is getting split with different cadres and sections which wants to project their own leaders for the upcoming 2019 elections. While certain section of the Congress wants Rahul Gandhi as their Prime Ministerial candidate, the other sections of the Congress wants Priyanka Gandhi as the PM candidate.

In a very mysterious development, ‘Priyanka Gandhi Missing’  posters have emerged in Sonia Gandhi’s constituency Rae Bareli, in which she has been called Emotional Blackmailer. The headline of the posters read “Madam Priyanka Vadra is missing,” with “emotional blackmailer” written below her picture.

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During the 2014 elections, Priyanka Gandhi was seen actively campaigning for her mother in her home constituency after which there is no clue of her. Annoyed by her behaviour of appearing only during elections, many Congress workers and local people may have pasted the posters in Rae Bareli which has caused great embarrassment for Congress.

The locals said that she has been missing ever since 2014 and not bothered to hear the plight of the people. Even after Rae Bareli witnessed many tragedies in the past year like rail accident in Harchandpur and the tragedies at NTPC plant in Unchahar and Rowlpur, she has not come even once said the locals.

Following this act, the Congress has come up with an excuse saying “We condemn this act. Some people travelling in luxury vehicles threw or pasted the posters at some places in Rae Bareli Sunday night. We understand this has been done by some local leaders, who recently switched loyalties from the Congress to BJP. We will report this issue to the district administration as the posters do not carry the name of any printing press or any organisation,” said district Congress committee president VK Shukla.

“Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has a personal connect with the people of Rae Bareli. She keeps on meeting them and has been campaigning in Rae Bareli and Amethi. However, in the 2017 assembly elections, she stayed away and appeared only at a public meeting in Rae Bareli. She is yet to join active politics. Yet, people in BJP are afraid of her. Hindustan Times

The Congress leaders said that though Priyanka Vadra has not come to Rae Bareli, she has been meeting people in Delhi.

It is indeed funny that Congress expects people to buy this argument. If she is meeting some people in Delhi, how would the locals of Rae Bareli get any help from this is something Congress should explain.

Seems like the Congress is itself confused and have no idea how to handle the growing dispute between the cadre and the leaders.

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