Propaganda website “The Wire’s” co-founder accused of sexually harassing his colleagues! Now what will the seculars and liberals do?

The campaign (# Me Too) started last week on social media against sexual harassment is stunning everyone as new revelations against various sexual predators are coming into the picture

From film industry to media industry all those who have taken the advantage of women at some point in their life, their names are popping up in the public domain

The new addition to this list is Sidharth Bhatia, co-founder and founding editor of the left agenda propagating website “The Wire”

Sidharth Bhatia has been accused by women for using his position and power for sexually assaulting them. Two women named Reema Sanyal and Bharti Shukla has alleged that the Wire co founder used to ask young colleagues to share bed with him and also had passed cheap remarks on women at various occasions

One of the women have even requested journalist Ranjona Banerji, who was deputy of Sidharth Bhatia in DNA to come forward and expose him. She has requested Ranjona to tell how sudden the behaviour and expressions of Sidharth Bhatia changes when he used to see bra straps of young women in office

The Wire co founder has not yet responded to allegations levied on him. Neither he denied it nor he accepted it. “The Wire” has also not come front and given any statement regarding the allegations. But according to one of the victim Sidharth Bhatia mistakenly liked her tweet but later unliked it.Even being aware of what all is happening over the social media Bhatia choosed to remain silent over the issue.

The feminists who were spearheading the  movement in India have too maintained convenient silence over the accusations against Sidharth Bhatia? What happened to the secular and liberal brigade now? Why now they are not able to utter a word even? Will liberals,seculars  & psuedo feminists now stand with these women in their fight toward all predators who are harassing them? or Will their stance change now and they will start saving them?

Well, whatever is now happening on Social Media, it looks like the #MeeToo movement is finally here in India, with the victims not cowing down and sharing their experiences. It’s time to stand by the victims as Sexual Assault in any form, with anyone either be a woman, man or children is a black spot on our society and culture.It not only sexually assaults the victim but can have long term psychological, emotional, and physical effects on a survivor.The effects of sexual assault aren’t always easy to deal with but with the right help and support they can be managed.  We hope that whoever the perpetrator is, if the allegations are true, the victims get the justice they deserve.