Proud Moment!!! Uttarakhand BJP Finance Minister’s daughter commissioned as an Officer in the Indian Army

The urge to serve the nation is found in every Indian. He may be rich or poor, farmer’s child or an engineer’s child. But we had a presumption that a politician will never send his/her kid to serve the nation. But this politician has laid a new direction that will definitely motivate many other politicians like him.

Yes, this politician has sent his daughter to the serve the mother land. Prakash Pant is a MLA from Pithoragarh and also the finance Minister of Uttarakhand, is now a proud father as his daughter Namita Pant became the Judge Advocate General (JAG) in the Indian Army.

After the passing out parade that was held yesterday, Namita will be inducted into the Indian Army as a Lieutenant. The entire family was present during the passing out parade that was held at Chennai. Finance Minister Prakash Pant, his wife Chandra Pant, father Mohan Chandra Pant, elder brother Kailash Chandra Pant, younger brother Bhupesh Pant, daughter-in-law Geeta Pant proudly witnessed the passing out parade.

The family of Prakash Pant lives in Khathkot district of Pithoragarh town. After completing her LLB in the 2012, Namita Pant also completed LLM in 2016. Later she cleared the Service Selection Board (SSB) and it was an honour to say that she was one among the four who had qualified into the academy. After a year of rigorous training, the nation has got a warrior in the name of Namita Pant.

On 2nd October 2016, while travelling with his daughter to Chennai as she had to report to the Officers Training Academy, Mr Pant had written on his Facebook post that, he couldn’t believe that his daughter grew up so soon. He further advised that security of the nation should be our first priority and one should always protect the pride and honour of the nation.

We see politician like Lalu Yadav, who keeps on executing scams after scams just to ensure that his children will stink rich, we have a unique politician like Mr Pant. He could have set-up an industry to his daughter. But his heart chose something better that will be praised for decades.

Instead of gifting diamond and jewellery, he found it better to have stars on his daughter’s shoulder which will be given by the Indian Army.

Nishika Ram