Pseudo Liberal Brigade Turning Out to be a Threat To Society!

Shame on AISA goons!

Peaceful human chain protest of ABVP attacked by AISA goons at North Campus today. 

In a most undemocratic and intolerant manner, some goonda elements of AISA attacked a peaceful protest of ABVP against vitiating the communal atmosphere of North Campus by its hired outsider goons. For almost 2 hours (1pm to 3 pm) ABVP was protesting against attempts of communist elements to vitiate the communal atmosphere of the campus inside the Arts Faculty. ABVP activists had formed a human chain inside the arts faculty. But as per their habit of creating mess and fuelling political violence, some AISA goons first hurled a stone on a girl activist of ABVP and then deliberately started a scuffle. In the desperate act of securing publicity for their event, AISA goons hurled abuses and casteist slurs on ABVP activists. DUSU president Amit Tanwar, ABVP activists Jyoti and Harshita were attacked by male and female goons of AISA. They were taken to the Hindu Rao hospital. The Delhi Police also mercilessly beat up ABVP activists instead of taking action against the AISA goons present there most of whom happened to be outsiders. The event in itself was illegally organised as no prior permission was sought for the event.

This tactic of AISA and other communist organizations to attack students of other ideologies and  create scuffles on campus thereby polarising students on caste and religious lines is most shameful and uncalled for. Constantly being rejected by the student community of DU, AISA has been trying to rake up caste and religion to harness votes. ABVP strongly condemns these tactics of the left brigade. The culture of political violence of Kerala, West Bengal and JNU will not be tolerated in DU.

Abhishek Kumar