Is pseudo secularism the biggest threat to India?

India a country which should be proud of calling itself a Hindu nation has always been living under the blanket of fake secularism. A country which has a history of origin of Hindus have been living in denial of accepting that this nation is a Hindu rashtra.  The term secularism started flourishing in this nation post-independence. In fact I would called this Pseudo Secularism since Real secularism implies that there should be no discrimination by the state against a person or a society on the basis of religion, The soul intention of a secular society is one law one nation. The political parties started using the term secular for their selfish motto and the real meaning of secularism were amended as per their convenience.

The term secularism has lost its real meaning and this word is the most favorite among the hypocrites. Let me elaborate a little to explain you the secularism version of Pseudo secularist

It’s Secular to talk about Godhra killing but it’s communal to talk about 30 thousand Hindus in Kashmir and 58 Rambhaktas in Godhra

It’s secular to talk about Muslim king Tippu but it’s communal to talk about killing of 80,000 Kodavas by Tippu

It’s secular to talk about conquer of Aurangzeb but it’s communal to talk about killing of Sikh

It’s secular to talk about Pakistan artist and their achievement in Indian soil but it’s communal to talk about massacre of Kashmiri Panditis

Such opportunistic exploitation of the communal platform has been the general characteristic of the pseudo secular leaders and their political parties. An American news agency report states terrorists from 12 countries have been infiltrating India armed with a proper road map to create a civil war like situation. They have sneaked into Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bengal and Bihar in large numbers with the connivance of secularists and are lying low in 176 terrorist centers for a civil war to happen. Many Bangladeshi terrorists have been sheltered in dense coffee estates of Kodagu. It is estimated that in Karnataka, UP and Bihar there are more than 3 cr illegal Bangladeshies. Then congress never cared for these illegal infiltrates and now BJP also seems to be not worried at all.

Gandhi had called than Muslim leaders like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Jinnah, Ali brothers, Poet Iqbal to fight along side for a independent India in the name of secularism but they later demanded for a separate Pakistan. Each and every enactment engineered by the rigid secular ‘Nehru Gandhi’ dynasty was aimed at the appeasement of the Muslims creating permanent rift between Hindus and Muslims, a divide and rule ‘policy of the British Government. Many Muslims in UP wants to end the Ramjanma bhoomi issue and build Ram Mandir but the political outfits cannot digest the fact nor are they willing to let go the Ramjanma bhoomi issue so easily.

Its really unfortunate that Under article 29 and 30 Muslims can teach Koran and Christian can teach bible in Govt. aided schools but as a sharp discrimination, Hindus are not allowed to teach Gita, Ramayan, Ved, Upanishad. Its absolutely fine for Haj house to be built spending crores of rupees but never did government want to build Teerth Bhawan. What message is Pseudo secular India conveying to future Hindus.

Has the Muslim population ever asked themselves what are they expecting from the government of this nation, the congress kept on fooling the Muslim community under the false pretext. The congress party which always claimed Muslims are their vote bank ruled this nation for 60 years and still Muslim most population in this country is living below the poverty line. I wonder why cannot the Muslim community understand if you have been voting for a political party for the last 60 years and still they don’t do anything to uplift you then ask your leaders why was your loyalty not valued ? How many in this country voice against tripal talaq ?

How many Muslim leaders protested when a 11 years old Ameena was married off to a 60 years old Arab. Muslims can make tremendous progress through modern education but unfortunately these secular leaders have made Muslims dependant on the Govt. to the maximum possible extent so that they are always demanding something or the other and sliding backward farther and farther. All that political parties did was fooling the minority with a planned propaganda of protecting them from the Majority Hindus.

Those who oppose national anthem but stand like slaves before the fundamentalists and extremists, for these so-called religious patriotism, only votes for their political and self-interest and not for the nation.

This is the story of India Under The Blanket Of Pseudo Secularism

Tasleem Ibrahim


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