Pooja pandal set on fire, idol of goddess Saraswati vandalized on Basant Panchami celebrations, but this Chief Minister will never speak against them!

Few states in India have turned into a hub of Jihadi elements, where it is no longer safe to be Hindus. In Kerala we hear killing of Hindu activists every day. It is no different in West Bengal, where Hindus cannot perform Hindu poojas, cannot hold processions during Hindu festivals and they are attacked on a daily basis.

Yes, this so called secular Chief Minister of West Bengal has made life impossible for Hindus. Her minority appeasement has gone to an extent that she has given free run to all anti social elements in a bid to appease certain section who are now dominating the state. These jihadi elements are literally suppressing the Hindu community by repeated attacks and threatening them openly for following their religion. Today while Hindu community members were celebrating Basant Panchami, few people attacked the procession, burning the pandal and destroying the Goddess Saraswati’s idol. According to sources, miscreants set Saraswati puja pandal and idols ablaze at Baltikuri, Dasnagar in West Bengal. The members of a local club ‘Green Stars’ alleged that some local miscreants used to run a hooch den there illegally. The members protested and filed a complaint in the Dasnagar police station recently. As a result of this, the miscreants allegedly took revenge on them.

The Basant Panchami which is regarded as a very auspicious day for the Hindus is marked by performing Pooja to Goddess Sarswati.  West Bengal has a great history and tradition of celebrating Durga pooja and Saraswati pooja. But since 4-5 years, there has been repeated attacks on these celebrations and the Chief Minister has put various restrictions on festivals. People are no longer able to hold processions, perform Pooja as their wish in many parts of Bengal. The Chief Minister also put a ban on celebrating Saraswathi Pooja in Schools which was being carried out for decades. She also restricted people from holding processions during Muharram saying it will disturb the Muslim festival.

Even after repeated attacks, Mamata Banerjee has not taken any action against these miscreants and instead given them all protection. Until now no arrests have been made. The BJP and other organisations have raised concern about the repeated attacks on Hindu community questioning Mamata Banerjee’s silence over the issue.

Few days back, this Chief Minister made a big appeal to the Hindu community and participated in Brahmin Sammelan’ in West Bengal’s Birbhum district. This was an attempt to woo the Hindu community after the TMC faced a tough battle in the by-elections in Sabang and Dakshina Kathi against BJP. The resurgence of BJP and the galvanization of Hindu votes had made Mamata Banerjee jittery. This is exactly why she started wooing the Hindu votes and projected herself as a Hindutvawadi. But the attacks on Hindu pooja has once again exposed her dubious talks and put her in a fix.

However no media thinks this is a major issue as the victims are Hindus. The lutyens brigade which cried about intolerance, 2 years back, have gone mute even after repeated incidents of attack on Hindus in West Bengal. The so called Janeaudhari Hindu Rahul Gandhi has not spoken a word of condemnation against the attacks. This only shows the real face of these so called seculars who are using every community for their political games.

Aishwarya S