“Pulse of the Nation” survey reveals Modi Govt is still the popular choice among the masses

Although Modi Government failed to win the recent elections held in three states of Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh but that doesn’t mean Modi Magic is over now. Neither it is nor will it be as Modi Government is still the popular choice among the masses.

“Pulse of the Nation” poll conducted recently by the Inshorts has revealed that people still prefer Modi Government and are satisfied with the PM Modi led BJP Government and believes that current administration is making best use of the resources.

According to the survey the questions were asked to people on different parameters such as governance, usage of tax, black money, corruption, health and sanitation, internal conflicts, employment opportunities. The poll was conducted in the first week of December taking views of over 1.47 lakh netizens across urban and rural areas with 80% being in the age group of 18-35 years.

Let’s check the response of the people

56% Indians have said that they are satisfied with the current governance

Tax Payers Money
51% said that the taxpayers’ money has been put to good use by the administration

Black Money Handling
55% have said that the issue of black money has not been handled appropriately

51% have said that corporate frauds and scams have decreased over time and 20% feel there has been no change

Health & Sanitation Coverage
62% agreed that health and sanitation conditions have improved over the last 4.5 years

Peace & Harmony
42% Indians feel that internal conflicts affecting the peace and harmony within the country have increased and 20% feel there has been no change in internal conflicts in comparison to the last government

Employment opportunities
While 41% feel there has been no change in employment opportunities under the current government, 20% Indians feel that employment opportunities have deteriorated in the recent times

It is a good sign for Prime Minister Modi that people have reacted positively to his Government efforts. Recently the Prime Minister Modi Government has also shown good performance in Haryana & Assam. In Haryana Municipal Corporation polls the party has swept all the 5 mayoral posts and that also by a huge margin. In Assam also BJP has given a stupendous performance.

Recent analysis by ZEE-VMR has also predicted that even after assembly reverses, NDA will out-throw UPA in 2019

The surveys predicting Modi win and people’s confidence in Modi Government is a big blow to opposition who don’t have anything to show but a long list of lies which they are propagating to deviate the voters.It is high time for voters to understand the trap being laid by the opposition and show them their position by kicking them off

Source : InShorts