Pulwama Terror Attack: Sonu Nigam exposes the hypocrisy of “Secular people and tukde tukde gang” for shedding crocodile tears

While the nation is still unable to come out of the loss of 49 of its brave men, few people who call themselves Indians are politicizing the terror attack by dragging in caste and religion.

Not only the 1.31 billion Indians, not only the Prime Minister of India but even the men in the Armed Force who are guarding the nation are seeking for a revenge. Their blood is boiling and are waiting to bath in the blood of Pakistani soldiers and terrorists. But the “few Indians” want peace with Pakistan.

These “few Indians” are the same one’s who were seen backing the tukde-tukde gang, those “few Indians” were the same one’s who were calling India intolerant. And now when India is seeking revenge, they are calling for peace. Are they trying to save their terrorist friends who are on the other side of the border.

Slamming the so-called seculars of India, singer Sonu Nigam took a sarcastic dig and said “I have heard people of India are getting angry and expressing their anger over the death of CRPF jawans. Around 44 people I guess. Whether it is 44 people or 440, why should the Indians feel sad about it? What is there to be sad about? You should do what is right, what is secular”.

While slamming the pseudo-seculars, Nigam supported the nationalists saying “Leave these things behind for the RSS, BJP, organizations who support Hindutva. You should do what secular people do (and say) – ‘Bharat tere tukde honge……’, ‘Afzal ham sharminda hain…….’. Say it again – ‘Bharat tere tukde honge……’, ‘Afzal ham sharminda hai……’. If you have to live India, then this is the kind of secular thinking you should have”.

He continued “It is wrong to say things like Vande Mataram and all. Don’t say such things. And please don’t feel bad over the death of the CRPF jawans. It wasn’t a big thing”.

Few of the pseudo-seculars, presstitutes and liberals have crossed all limits and are spreading fake theories of the involvement of Indian government in the martyrdom of the CRPF Jawans.

Hansika Raj