Have the Punjabis forgotten the 1984 Sikh massacre and forgiven the killers?

Looks like Indians have a very short memory, we outrage with emotional cry, burst out with anger like a volcano only when for short period and then don’t even care to learn what happens to the victims.

It is the same case story since 60 years. When the issue is at its peak, everyone wants to talk, everyone wants to protest and everyone wants to slam the politicians, but within no time the fire inside us douses off and we will not even remember about the incidents. One such incident is the 1984 Sikh Massacre, which can be called one of the biggest tragedy in the history of mankind. Over 3000 innocent Sikhs were brutally murdered, burnt on streets and their women raped and killed.

The entire world knew who was responsible for this heinous act. But the biggest question is were they punished? Obviously not! Those people who openly admitted that they were responsible for the massacre are still roaming free and the party which gave the orders for the massacre is still enjoying power in the country. The Sikhs who kicked out Congress 30 years back today have no problem to welcome them and serve the same people who have killed their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. But as I said, Indians memory is very short term. The outrage, cry and anger is only for a limited time. If not, probably the Sikhs would not have allowed the Congress to enter Punjab after the grave massacre.

Today the same party enters Punjab, gives speeches on 1984 and Sikhs. Campaigns with posters of Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi and still people are happy  and do not say a word.

Punjab is a beautiful state which has been ruined by the Congress government which ruled for more than 50 years since independence. Punjab state which was large producer of wheat, rice and sugarcane today has lost most of its lands to mafia. The state which was called the bread basket of India today is called the Drug basket of India. WHY? who is responsible?

Its none other than the political parties who have destroyed Punjab for their political benefits. A state which should have revolutionized the agricultural market has today revolutionized Drug market. Youths have fallen prey to drug addiction and all illegal activities sponsored by Pakistan terrorists. Reports show that every year, 7,500 crore worth drugs is supplied into Punjab. These drugs are not just consumed in Punjab but are supplied to different parts of the country like West Bengal, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. The AIIMS which conducted a survey recently which showed that in a population of 2.8 crore Punjab population, over 1.23 laks people are heroin dependent and drug addicts.

Based on the previous studies, Punjab’s opioid dependents are four times more than the global average. In effect, not only are the drug smugglers being used to push jihadis into India, they are also creating an army of heroin addicts in Punjab. The study has found that 0.84% (around 2.3 lakh) of the entire state’s population is opioid dependent. The survey reveals that opioid-dependent people are spending approximately Rs 20 crore daily on these drugs.

The drug menace reached the peak during mid 1990’s when the Congress governmnet completely neglected the situation and ignored the warnings. Their extreme soft nature towards the Pakistani terrorism is said to be mainly responsible for the growth of drug menace. So being for more than 50 years what exactly has Congress government done?

The Congress will again open doors for the Pakistani terrorists in Punjab to appease minorities in the country and ultimately only increase the drug menace if brought to power. It is important for the people of Punjab to evaluate who is responsible for grave situation and decide whether they should bring Congress into power.

Aishwarya S