“Queue to end all queues” : Key take-aways from Modi’s Moradabad rally

Today, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed a massive crowd of about 3 lakh people in Parivartan Rally at Moradabad. The huge crowd at the Parivartan Rally in Moradabad is a good indication of the mood of Uttar Pradesh, which goes to polls next year. PM Narendra Modi started with his speech by emphasizing the importance of quickly eliminating poverty from larger states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Maharashtra to make the country free of poverty and make it prosperous. He outlined his vision to eliminate poverty in the state by developing infrastructure, creating jobs and targeting corruption. As usual, the entire speech focused on the sole issue of DEVELOPMENT..

PM Narendra Modi talked at length about the achievements of his government in rural electrification, Jandhan account, direct benefit transfer and providing LPG cylinders to poor households. The major attraction of the speech was the very important topic of demonetization, where he thanked every citizen of the country for standing firmly behind the government. He said,

I don’t have a high command, no ministers above me, I only report to you, the people. My high command is 125 crore people of the nation, to whom I am accountable. What I have done is to start this queue to end all the queues. Earlier, we had to stand in queues to buy sugar. We had to stand in queues to buy kerosene. We had to stand in queues to buy wheat. Farmers had to stand in queues overnight to buy urea. Thanks to those who ruled for 60 years, this country was wasting away in queues… Please bear with me for 50 days. Shouldn’t I fight corruption? Is it my fault that the ones who have been looting the country are now being made accountable ? What can they do to me ? I am not afraid of anyone. I have no one. I am a fakeer. I will carry my jhola and move on.

What did he mean when he said that this queue will end all the queues ? Earlier, due to middlemen and rampant corruption, poor people had to spend long time in queues for getting the benefits of public distribution system such as wheat, sugar, kerosene or grains. Poor people had to stand in queues due to severe shortage that was created by middlemen and corrupt people. Now, due to direct benefit schemes, digitization, destruction of fake ration cards, these things are reaching the poor directly. Earlier the farmers had to stand in long queues, at times even for entire night, for getting urea. The queues became so long and the shortage led to protests from farmers that police had to lathicharge on the farmers waiting in queues to get urea. Now, with urea being neem coated, the queues and inconvenience for farmers in procuring urea have totally disappeared as the urea meant for farmers can no longer be illegally diverted to industries. So, what he mean by ending all the queues by this queue (queues in banks due to demonetization) was to systematically put an end to corruption in the nation.

He also warned the poor people having Jan Dhan accounts NOT to allow any rich to deposit their black money. PM Modi asked the poor not to return the money if the rich have already deposited their black money in the Jan Dhan accounts. He said, “I am using all my brain to ensure that the money that has been looted from you reaches you, who are the real beneficiary of that money. Do not let those who have deposited their illicit money in your Jan Dhan accounts to withdraw it. I am finding out ways to send them to jails and let you keep that money.

Kshitij Mohan