Why the Quint Journalist whose sting operation lead to Jawans suicide should be shown no MERCY?!

Here is good news. Poonam Agarwal, the journalist from ‘The Quint’ who has ‘blood’ on her hands of a young Army Jawan is finally booked under the sections of the Official Secrets Act and those relating to Criminal Trespass and Abetment to suicide under the Indian Penal Code.Last month, Lance Naik Roy Mathew aged 33 allegedly committed a suicide after the news website of ‘The Quint’ released the video of the sting operation conducted on him. Poonam Agarwal had shot a sting operation on Lance Naik Roy Mathew inducing him speak about the “sahayak” system in the Indian Army. Talking to Poonam cost Mathew his life.

Last month, there was an extreme anger on the Social Media against the unethical journalism of ‘The Quint’. Lance Naik Roy Mathew was found hanging on February 25 after a sting video shot by Poonam Agarwal of him criticizing the ‘sahayak system’ in the Army went viral. Poor Mathew was not aware that the journalist was secretly filming him. He was scared of the consequences of his criticism against the Army. He was afraid that a court martial was awaiting him. Unable to bear the thought of defamation, Roy Mathew allegedly committed suicide. Police recovered a diary and a note in Malayalam from the abandoned barrack where his body was found. In the note, Roy had written about his fears. Police are awaiting the forensic report to confirm whether the note was written by Mathew.

Official sources have confirmed about the case being registered against Poonam Agarwal after the Army submitted an application to Nashik police. The Army has complained against the Quint Journalist Poonam Agarwal for illegally entering a prohibited area. The Army also accused her of posing ‘leading questions’ to Mathew while carrying out the sting operation. The Army asked the police to treat the application as its complaint.

A senior officer at the Maharashtra Police headquarters said, “After studying the application, we have registered a case against Agarwal under Sections 3 and 7 of the Official Secrets Act and sections of the Indian Penal Code for criminal trespass and abetment to suicide.” Police had recorded Agarwal’s statement recently. The Officer further told, “They have given an application expressing concern over the journalist entering a prohibited area with a spy camera and filming Army premises which is not allowed. After studying the application, a case has been registered.”

Unashamed and unrepentant Poonam Agarwal’s response to this development: “After my story was published online, I had shared the link with the Army. At that time, they did not raise any questions about me entering a prohibited area. Instead, they told me they will probe the allegations made by the Jawan in the sting operation. The allegation of trespass seems to be an afterthought.” She also had the audacity to claim that Mathew committed suicide because of army’s internal inquiry. ‘The Quint’ is unavailable to the Media for any comments.

This enquiry process will make Poonam Agarwal spill lot of beans. All those behind this heinous and illegal sting operation will be exposed. The Twitterati is happy about the case booked against her. The funny thing is that, as Poonam Agarwal is facing criminal charges now, Twitter India , as usual , has awarded Poonam Agarwal by ‘verifying’ her insignificant Twitter handle for her Anti-army work!

This is a lesson to the whole Media who adapts unethical ways to soar their TRPs. Why is the Paid Media against Indian Army? They make a hero out of insignificant Kanhaiyya as he says the army rapes in Kashmir. They side with the hired Stone Pelters in Kashmir. They leak sensitive information about Army activities during the operations. And now this cruelty! Sting operations for TRPs on our Jawans at the cost of their lives! May the wheels of Justice crush this ugly trend of unethical Journalism here and now!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi




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