Rafale Deal! India makes 25% of Rafale payment to French Govt and here’s when the first aircraft will reach India

Shutting every mouth that questioned the decision of the ruling government and also overcoming a number of controversies & attacks from the opposition, revolving around the Rafale deal, the central government has moved a step forward in completing the deal by making a partial payment issuing 25% to the French government in the over Rs 59,000 crore deal. India is procuring 36 Rafale fighter jets from France’s Dassault Aviation in a fly-away condition in a government-to-government deal.

As per reported by ANI, the plane delivery schedule was on track and the Indian Air Force is expected to get the first aircraft in September 2019. The jets would be put to extensive testing by Indian pilots to evaluate the India-specific enhancements.

“More than 25% of the payments have been made to the French government for the deal as part of the contractual terms and conditions of the project. The amount of the payment is being paid to the French government as the contract is government to government,” ANI reported sources as saying.

The sources added that the first batch of four aircraft to be delivered to the IAF by the middle of 2020 would be equipped with advanced avionics and sensors. The deal to purchase 36 Rafale fighter jets was signed during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to France in September 2016. Dassault Aviation is manufacturing 36 advanced fighter jets with India-specific requirements.

Though the Supreme Court has declared the ruling party as guilty free regarding the speculations of the deal, the opposition like it does always, left no stone unturned to trap the Central Government trying and proving the deal as scam by PM Modi and his team. The Supreme Court has rejected petitions that sought court-monitored CBI probe into the deal.

In spite of declarations from the Indian and the french Government that the allegations made by Congress are baseless and this has been proven time and again with solid amount of proof. The Dassault Aviation firm has also justified itself enough to confirm that this deal is no scam but a genuine purchase of fighter jets for the Indian Armed forces. But at the end it is Congress, they understand with their own level of perception. Well, India is dealing with this prolonged problem of the grand old party and nothing can be done about it!

Source: India.com