Did Raghuram Rajan help the “Scamster” Chidambaram? ; Subramanian Swamy reveals what the media never showed

In various national issues we think this is what the truth is. But the reality is that we are not even close to the truth. Certain organizations work so systematically that the people are completely deviated from the issue. This is what happened in this issue.

We were informed by the media that there is a tussle going on between Modi govt and the then Governor Mr Raghuram Rajan. Reports stated that Mr Raghuram Rajan was not given free hand in key issues. So the people thought the Govt is the Villain here. Media reported that Dr Subramanian Swamy enforced his pressure on Modi govt to remove the then governor which he had mentioned in a letter dated May 16, 2016 to PM Modi. Media targeted certain letter only sent by Mr Swamy.

But why didn’t they notice this letter sent to PM Modi which had some serious allegation against Mr Raghuram Rajan? Swamy had accused that Raghuram Rajan was trying to suppress Enforcement Directorate (ED)’s probe against former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s son’s firms’ money trial to Singapore based firm. The letter was dated 5th Jan, 2015 and the copy was accessed by all the media organisations but no one published it. Sources say that all media houses had contacted Mr Rajan to ask his views on this. But they didn’t bother to convey the truth to the public.

Chidambaram knew every move of ED. He knew that the ED is tracking Karti’s bank transactions. Mr Swamy says that this was due to Rajan. Rajan Intimidated Chidambaram of ED’s every move. Swamy also blames Rajan of not co-operating with the ED. RBI was approached by ED on Nov 27th, 2014 seeking details of three companies controlled by Karti including Advantage Strategic Consulting in connection with Aircel-Maxis scam probe.
Swamy, in his letter to Raghuram Rajan warns to file a case against him for intervening in the probe and helping Chidambaram and his son in the Aircel- Maxis probe by the Supreme Court.

Swamy further questioned Rajan that how can he help Chidambaram and Karti even after knowing that those were the prime suspects of CBI and ED. Swamy also said that Chidambaram tried to tamper evidence by pressurising Finance Ministry only after he was alerted by Rajan.

Swamy said that, “Rajan has done contempt of courting by helping Chidambaram. Being an RBI official it was not an ethical practice. We all know that Rajan was appointed as a Governor by Chidambaram, so is Rajan showing his gratitude towards him?”.

Swamy had finally urged Rajan to co-operate in the probe of ED and provide all the details of Karti Chidambaram’s companies and not to inform any details of the probe to them. Swamy even informed this issue to PM Modi.

On November 17, 2014 the ED has requested RBI to share bank details of Karti but it went unanswered for more than 45 days. After noticing this, Swamy wrote a letter on January 5, 2015. After his letter, the RBI immediately submitted all the bank details to the ED.

We all know that Rajan has a very good rapport with the media but why didn’t he clear this matter. Swamy had made serious allegations against Rajan, why didn’t Rajan bother to clarify the issue? Did Rajan really help Chidambaram to get away with ED’s probe?

It was the congress way of functioning. Appoint officials who act on their orders so that they will show their gratitude one day. Indians never doubted Rajan’s capacity as a governor. But we want to know the truth. Did Rajan really a man who looted crores of money from Indian tax payers?

Have a look at Swamy’s letter

Source: pgurus.com

Rajat Bhandary