Rahul Baba! Here’s how Amit Shah slammed Rahul Gandhi for demanding accountability of Modi government

Amit Shah, the Chanakya and the president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a man who means business. He does what he says and this has been his ex- factor. He never involved in any kind of silly war of words even though the opposition parties and his rivals dragged even his son at several instances.

But today the slap of words of Amit Shah to Rahul Gandhi is echoing in the ears of India. It so happened that Rahul Gandhi, who has the habit of getting bashed from every random person, dared to demand the accountability of the Modi government.

Here’s how Amit Shah responded to Rahul Gandhi’s demand!

  • Rahul baba, who recently visited Chhattisgarh, was asking Raman Singh why the state government did not procure mobile phones from BHEL under the SKY scheme. He even doesn’t know that BHEL does not manufacture phones and he was asking for an account of what the (Modi) government had done,
  • I was listening to a speech of the ‘shahzade’ of Congress in which he was asking for the account of Modiji’s work during four years of his rule. Why he was asking this question, we don’t need to say. Rahul Gandhi, you don’t have the authority to ask such questions. You are asking for the account of four years of work, but the people of the country are asking you to give an account of the work done during the four-generation-long rule by your family.

He added “His (Gandhi) government was in power for 60 years but why electricity did not reach villages…. Why farmers did not get better MSP…. Why benefits of other welfare schemes did not reach masses. People of the country want to know the account of 60 years of the rule from you”.

This fierce response came from Amit Shah after he flagged-off the second phase of Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh’s “Atal Vikas Yatra” from Dongargarh in Rajnandgaon district.

Source: My Nation

Hansika Raj