Rahul Gandhi accuses TRS of ‘Dynasty Politics’, see how Twitter trolled “Pappu”

PM Modi had once tweeted that Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi would fast take over Kapil Sharma’s comedy show. The tweet was sent in 2014. 3 years and several losses later, Rahul Gandhi is giving it a serious look. The Gandhi scion is often unaware of what he is speaking (the people who draft for him know the pain). Raga hit out at Telangana CM KCR today and even accused him of promoting dynasty politics in the state. The accusation was made at a congress public meeting at Sangareddy.

Hitting out at the Telangana CM on the eve of the third formation day of Telangana, raga said that the Telangana government was not heading in the ‘right direction’ as they did not make a ‘right beginning’ and added that it was not possible to fulfill the dreams of the people of Telangana. Gandhi indirectly targeted KCR’s family, without taking individual names. Rao’s son, KT Rama Rao, is a minister of Municipal Administration and Urban Development. KCR’s daughter K Kavitha is a Lok Sabha member and his nephew, Harish Rao is a minister.

The comment coming from Rahul Gandhi of all the other 7 billion people on the planet, was not something that KCR was able to digest. His son KTR responded

Raga had many complaints. Taking a jibe at KCR, the Congress vice-president remarked that the state was not meant for 4 people. Gandhi also made serious allegations saying that only the Land Mafia & contractors were benefiting from the state. He said that the common man felt betrayed & the KCR government was incapable of working for the poor & downtrodden.

“The dreams of people for a separate state are not being fulfiled,” Gandhi alleged. Raga also took a dig at PM Modi and said that the BJP government at the centre & the KCR Government in Telangana were only making fake promises.

Raga was given a hammering on Twitter after he had made official claims that he was interested in the ‘comedy’ business


Source: Times Now

Alok Shetty