Rahul Gandhi aka Raul Vinci has four passports and has a chapel at home

After PM Narendra Modi came to power, for the first three years the Congress president Rahul Gandhi was hardly seen in India. Later on,  he couldn’t travel to secret foreign destinations as India was gearing up for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Whenever Rahul Gandhi was traveling to foreign destinations, there was a claim that he had multiple passports and his name in that was Raul Vinci and not Rahul Gandhi. But now the debate has once again caught attention as Dr. Swamy claimed that Rahul Gandhi has four passports and one of it bears the name Raul Vinci.

Like Sonia Gandhi, even the educational qualification of Rahul Gandhi revolved and rotated around several controversies. Now the Rajya Sabha MP Dr Subramanian Swamy has reiterated that Rahul Gandhi has failed his M.Phil. exams in Economics and owns four passports.

Dr. Swamy also made a sensational claim that the name of Rahul Gandhi in the certificates and other passports is Raul Vinci. Dr. Swamy, who made several sensational allegations on the Gandhi family in the past, made this revelation at the ‘India Ka DNA’ event organised by Zee News.

After Rahul Gandhi was seen hopping from one temple to another, Congress said that he belonged to Dattatreya Kaul Gotra, but Dr Swamy mocked Rahul Gandi stating “He does not even know how to wear a Janeu. He wears it over his clothes”.

Since decades, Dr. Swamy has been making startling claims about the Gandhi dynasty. He had once said that former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi had just done schooling and not any degree or masters as claimed by her.

As Rahul Gandhi is from an Italian background, there was a claim that he was a practicing Christian. Speaking on this, Dr Swamy had earlier said “He should first declare he is Hindu,I suspect he is Christian and has Church inside 10 Janpath: S.Swamy on Rahul Gandhi’s temple tour in Gujarat”.