Rahul Gandhi announces official Italian holiday, Twitterati give him a heart-melting farewell

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is all set to fly out of India. Gandhi is making a trip to Italy, where he will meet his family members. This comes just days after his Mandsaur picnic failed. Raga, who has been desperate to get back in the news may meet the ‘Italian farmers’ in Italy.

Rahul Gandhi is always concerned about the farmers. It doesn’t matter which part of the world they come from. After taking responsibility for the Indian farmers, Rahul is tired of all the hard work. He has taken time from his hectic schedule so that he can relax at ‘home’.

Raga’s tweet (many of the senior congress members were relieved after reading his tweet)

A lot of us will be hoping that he stays there forever. But, raga will be back. Where else in the world would he get treated like this?

So much media coverage. When he returns to India, the Italian Media may consider better & interesting pics, instead of featuring Raga and ruining their future prospects.

Check how twitter reacted to Raga’s ‘I’m going home’


The fact is that Rahul Gandhi doesn’t care about the Indian farmers. He is moving to ‘Mamaland’ and we’re sure he’ll be back in time when the need for the next ‘photo-op’ arises.

Alok Shetty