Rahul Gandhi asked ‘Have you seen a woman in shorts?’!!! But Indian women gave him a befitting reply to his sexist remark

Disrespecting women is found in the genes of Rahul Gandhi and today he has proved it yet again. This time he insulted women saying that RSS women don’t wear shorts. These were the words of youth icon Rahul Gandhi in the public meeting in the poll-bound Gujarat’s Vadodara.

“Their main organisation is the RSS. How many women members does it have? Have you seen a woman in shorts at their shakhas? I haven’t seen any” (Inka (BJP’s) main sangathan RSS hai. Kitni mahilayan hain usme? Kabhi shaakha mein mahilaon ko dekha hai shorts mein? Maine to nahi dekha).

His statement was widely condemned by the public of India!!!

One twitterati even found out why Rahul Gandhi was so attached to shorts!!!

Irony is that even though Congress is headed by a female, the party members don’t follow the basic manner to respect women. It is further most disgusting that Rahul Gandhi will be the next party president.

The relationship between Rahul Gandhi and fake news is not new. In Vadodora once again he proved that no one can beat him in spreading fake news. He said that “Their thinking is that as long as women are silent, they are okay. As soon as a woman speaks out, they silence her”.

But he forgot that Modi govt had entrusted the responsibility of handling India’s Defence Ministry to a women. Rahul Gandhi also forgot that Modi govt has given the right to ‘speak and defend’ India in foreign nation to a woman i.e. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is handled by Sushma Swaraj.

Rahul Gandhi and his infatuation with women empowerment!!!

Rahul Gandhi also spoke about his dream project ‘women empowerment’ in Vadodara. “If the Congress is voted to power, it will focus on women’s empowerment”, this was his another fake promise made in Vadodara.

He further said that “Our focus will also be on education, health care system. Has (PM Narendra) Modi ever interacted with you to know what do you need?”. But he again forgot that PM Modi is the first Prime Minister who is reaching people through ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

How Smriti Irani bashed Rahul Gandhi!!!

“If Rahulji believes that wearing shorts in India is the sign of empowerment, as a woman I want to contradict it”.

“Today, an indecent comment has been made on our sisters connected with the Sangh, the Rashtriya Sevika Sangh or the sisters, wives and sisters-in-law of ordinary Sangh workers”.

This is how Union Minister countered the indecent comment on women by Rahul Gandhi.

How Amit Shah led the battle of eliminating Congress from Amethi?

“He is mocking at the development in Gujarat. I want to ask ‘Shahzade’ of Congress as to what your three generations have given to Amethi. You sought account of our past three years but people of Amethi are taking account of works done here by your past three generations”, Amit Shah said.

Amit Shah mocked Manmohan Singh saying that “We have given a prime minister who speaks.”

Ground reports says that Rahul Gandhi is losing his hold on Amethi. In 2009, his victory margin was nearly 3.5 lakhs but in the year 2014, it was just over 1 lakh. If this continues, Rahul Gandhi will definitely lose the 2019 election in Amethi.

Source: http://www.business-standard.com/article/politics/bjp-has-given-a-prime-minister-who-speaks-says-amit-shah-in-amethi-117101000557_1.html


Hansika Raj