Rahul Gandhi back stabs Hindus!!! Plots a conspiracy to stop Hindus from constructing Ram Mandir

Rahul Gandhi is a half Muslim and a half Christian, says a twitterati

As expected, Rahul Gandhi’s fake love towards Hindus has been totally exposed. The 47-year-old youth icon, Rahul Gandhi, who was seen hopping from one temple to another on the poll-bound Gujarat has scored yet another self-goal.

Senior Congress leader plays a dirty trick in order to destroy Hindus dream of building Ram Mandir!!!

“Kapil Sibal, who is representing Sunni Waqf Board, has demanded final hearing to be held in July 2019, after the General Elections”. This was the argument of Kapil Sibal which is clearly anti-Hindu.

This clearly shows that Rahul Gandhi’s Congress doesn’t want the 100 crore Hindus of India to worship in the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram. Rahul Gandhi’s “Hindutva”,  differs from state to state, election to election. This is really deadly to the Hindus.

BJP President Amit Shah was quick enough in reacting to the absolute bizarre argument made by Kapil Sibal.

“Today a surprising stand was taken in SC by Congress leader and Sunni Waqf Board lawyer Kapil Sibal ji, he said hearing should be deferred till after 2019 LS polls. Congress should clear its stand on this. Rahul ji is visiting temples in Gujarat but on the other hand Kapil Sibal is being used to delay Ram janmbhoomi case. Rahul ji should tell us what his view on this is”. By saying this, Mr Shah proved that Rahul Gandhi is a pseudo-Hindu.

Rahul Gandhi is playing double game!!!

Rahul Gandhi is a half Muslim and a half Christian, says a twitterati. “This is Double game by Congress In Gujarat they want Hindu votebank so Rahul is visiting temples Infact he is a half Muslim and half Christian and the so called kapilsibal he is anti Hindu who never want Ram Temple to be built at Ayodhya He is cunning guy”.

From saffron terrorism to ‘Janeu dhari’ Brahmin!!!

BJP Amit Malviya also slammed Rahul Gandhi for preventing the construction of Ram Mandir.

Kapil Sibal supported Kanhaiyya Kumar after he raised anti-national comments. He even supported Rohingya Muslims who were a security threat but he failed to support Hindus in Ram Mandir issue.

A Muslim youth named Mahim Alam Khan supports to build Ram Mandir, but Rahul Gandhi who claims to be a Hindu wants to stop Hindus from building Ram Mandir!!!

Here are the words of a Muslim youth named Mahim Alam Khan: 

“Ayodhya is one of the holiest sites of Hindu Religion and that place holds more importance to Hindus rather than Muslims because its God Ram’s birthplace and as far as I know in my limited knowledge their is no problem in shifting the Babri Mosque to some other place nearby, we can build a much bigger,grander Mosque there and peacefully pray there.

I know what happened in 1992 was very wrong and was very shameful but lets now just accept whatever happened and lets just sit down together and sort out the problem by letting the temple to be build on that place.

If this kind of settlement happened a new Temple and a new grand Babri Mosque will become a symbol of Hindu Muslim Unity and an end to the Ayodhya issue”.

Ananya Sharma