Rahul Gandhi Blames Congress Party’s UP Chief Ministerial Face Sheila Dixit in Sahara Diaries

If you were thinking that Congress Party is putting its soul to win UP assembly elections, then we have some news for you. We all know India’s biggest state assembly elections are around the corner. UP assembly elections are expected to indicate the nation’s mood-for the next general elections. If Congress is hit by a big loss- as it has been in the Delhi elections or the last general elections; what does it plan to do? Seems they are least bothered- as they have lost all hope. Even after suffering from a big loss in general elections, they have not learnt a lesson. All they have been doing- is to invest time in projecting Rahul Gandhi as nation’s face. There own party members have debated the choice of Rahul Gandhi, as the prime face of Congress. But, as we understand, the Gandhi clan is too busy protecting their dynasty.

So much so, that Congress aka Rahul’s only agenda is to malign BJP or Narendra Modi. We know this is the only agenda of the main opposition party in India, and it is rather sad. However, the political vendetta has become so hard, that Rahul Gandhi recently leaked Shiela Dixit’s name in the Sahara Diaries scam. His only objective was to malign, PM Narendra Modi again; as he tops the list of the names in the Sahara diaries.

So, should we believe Rahul Gandhi?  If we go by the logic of believing in him, then we don’t have any choice at all. PM Narendra Modi is allegedly corrupt, and so is Congress. Otherwise, why will they involve Shiela Dixit in the scam? Has Rahul Gandhi forgotten that only recently, they announced Shiela Dixit’s name in the UP elections-that she is the face of UP elections for Congress. So off goes the Rahul led Gandhi clan Congress Party.

Rahul Gandhi, in his relentless effort to put a showdown for the BJP showman, has really put his foot in the mouth this time. This shows that he is too scared of BJP’s growing popularity, and he has delivered evidence to it now.

We all know that Shiela Dixit was an unopposed candidate, who politically ruled Delhi for 15 years. She is credited with good work and infrastructure development of the city; which we have not seen again under Arvind Kejriwal also. Yet; she lost the elections because of being a party member of corruption-tainted Congress party at the Centre.

Toeing the party line, Sheila Dikshit as shying away from an independent probe into the ‘Sahara-Birla’ papers relating to pay-offs, days after her comments questioning authenticity of the documents put Congress on the back foot.

The Congress’ Chief Ministerial candidate in Uttar Pradesh also debunked speculation that she was distancing herself from the campaigning in the poll-bound state in the wake of the controversy.

“Why is @PMOIndia shying from an independent and a thorough probe into the #BirlaSaharaPapers?,” Dikshit tweeted.

Is this Political Obituary of the Congress, or please give us some sense of sanity!!!

Pooja Batia