Why did Rahul Gandhi call himself a Brahmin even though New York Times proved he is a Roman Catholic?

Few doubted that this was code for Mrs. Gandhi's Roman Catholicism, a faith in which her son, Rahul, 27, and her daughter, Priyanka, 26, were also raised.

The gaffes of Rahul Gandhi are never-ending. He has years of experience in creating blunders and with every passing year, the damage done by his blunders has also increased. Apparently, Congress takes pride in defending the blunders of Rahul Gandhi.

Till date, Rahul Gandhi was benefitting the BJP but this time, he has benefitted the entire Hindu community of India by mentioning that he is a non-Hindu. This has put an end to his “temple visit and Shiv-Bhakt” gimmick. Soon after the news of Rahul Gandhi entering his name in Non-Hindu register went viral, the Congress leaders came into a damage control mode.

Let us be fair and incline towards Rahul Gandhi. Let us agree that entering Rahul Gandhi’s name in the Non-Hindu register is a trick of BJP. Although BJP has no point in doing so as it is surging way ahead of Congress in the state of Gujarat. But can the Congress party prove the claims made by “Dr Subramanian Swamy and New York Times”, that Rahul Gandhi is a Catholic?

Subramanian Swamy said Rahul Gandhi is a Catholic!!!

Dr Subramanian Swamy advocated that there is paperwork to prove that Sonia Gandhi showed Rahul born a Christian. He further added that there is a church inside 10 Janpath.

The International newspaper also said that Rahul Gandhi is not a Hindu!!!

People have a tendency to reject the claims of Indians even though Indians are far ahead than the rest of the world. So, let us throw attention to what the New York Times, which is also habitual Hindu hater, said about the religion of Rahul Gandhi.

A write -up was published on the website  nytimes.com (New York Times) titled “Sonia Gandhi, the ‘Foreigner,’ Startles the Political Pundits” on 27th February 1988. The website clearly mentioned that Rahul Gandhi was a catholic, including Sonia Gandhi.

Let us focus on two paragraphs to make the point clear!!!

  • After 34 days of hectic campaigning in India’s general election, the woman who started life as Sonia Maino, the Roman Catholic daughter of a building contractor from a small town near Turin, is today the undisputed star of the domain she once shunned. At 51, Mrs. Gandhi has added an astonishing new chapter to the story of the Nehrus and the Gandhis, the family that has done more to write the political history of India in the 20th century than any other.
  • Initially, the Hindu nationalists seemed perplexed by Mrs. Gandhi’s role, paying her scant attention. Then, as the polls showed the Congress Party’s support picking up, men like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani, who would lead a Hindu nationalist Government, became increasingly shrill, warning of the dangers of a ”Rome Raj.” Few doubted that this was code for Mrs. Gandhi’s Roman Catholicism, a faith in which her son, Rahul, 27, and her daughter, Priyanka, 26, were also raised.

Form the above two paragraphs, one thing is clear that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are Catholics. If this report was wrong, then the Congress party would have asked New York Times to remove it as soon as possible. But the article is intact on their website since past 3 decades. This makes it clear that the report is factually perfect.

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/1998/02/27/world/sonia-gandhi-the-foreigner-startles-the-political-pundits.html

Ananya Sharma