Rahul Gandhi does it again!!! Calls Barack Obama as the President of US; People troll RaGa by asking, is Donald Trump a Congress worker

Dear Future PM Rahul Gandhi, Barack Obama Is EX-President, Not President

So RaGa has made it to the highest position he possibly could achieve. He has now been ‘crowned’ as the President of the Congress party, and we all have ample reasons to believe that his current position is as far as he can go. Yes, Pappu does dream of becoming the Prime Minister of the country, but let’s just say Indians have better sense than that.

On a different note, it sometimes does seem like Rahul Gandhi himself, and other major members of the Congress party are actually Trump cards for the BJP. The ridiculous statements made by Mani Shankar Aiyer, and the shamefully ignorant speeches made by Rahul Gandhi himself have actually turned thousands of voters away from Congress. And here is the most recent gimmick employed by Rahul Gandhi which has further distanced Congress’s hopes for winning Gujarat elections, or any elections for that matter.

As the former American President Barack Obama visited India recently, the great man displayed some courtesy in meeting Pappu. However, Rahul Gandhi stood true to his natural ways and made a gag out of even what could have been the most incredible moment of his life. After meeting Barack Obama,  Rahul Gandhi posted a beautiful picture with the former President and stated “Had a fruitful chat with President @BarackObama Great to meet him again.”

Well, it took less than a blink for the internet to take him unawares for the simple, yet reckless mistake Rahul Gandhi made. The comments on his post were hilarious, and reflected the extent of (dis)respect Indians hold for the ‘wannabe’ Prime Minister of India! Here are a couple of comments from the post!

  • Cricketer Ravindra Jadeja tweeted –

“Dear Future PM Rahul Gandhi, Barack Obama Is EX-President, Not President. Har Jagah Pappupan Dikha Dete Ho Yaar.

#RahulLosesAmethi #UPCivicPolls2017

  • This one surely takes away the best comment award –

“Dear Rahul Gandhi…What were the fruits in the fruit chat you ate? I am sure you did not understand anything of what Obama might have said to you. By the way did you tell him about how gold can be produced from potato?” – Debi Prasad Acharya‏, Dec 1

  • Trump will need an answer to that!

“Who is Mr. Donald J Trump?? What a knowledge you have Sir. Salute to you.” – Ashish Merkhed‏, Dec 1

  • Doesn’t look like he knows!

“Dear RahulJi, Thanks for providing all these entertainment to us.. Even @BarackObama will be confused to hear that he is the president. Dont you know there is a word in english named “Former” :)” – J.Harinarayanan‏, Dec 2

  • Maybe that’s why Pappu calls it fruitful!

“It’s fruitful because he might give u some tricks of Politics in #bhikh” – Utsav®Rai,   Dec 2

  • Yet again!

“Fruitful. Meaning full of fruits. Pineapple banana strawberry grapes papaya watermelon and mango. Add a dash of chat masala. There’s your fruitful chat with obama” – TheLokeshSaxena‏, Dec 2

  • He said what all Indians want to say!

“Are Pappu Obama is EX president,Not President…Tu PM nahi Sarpanch bhi nahi ban sakta.” – Ashish‏, Dec 2

Well, Rahul Gandhi has his own brilliant ways of making himself a joke on national level. This one was just another, simple example of how Indians seem to never spare even the simplest of Rahul Gandhi’s mistakes, for no one sees the man as a worthy Prime Minister candidate. When we have a leader like Narendra Modi leading us from the front, people like Rahul Gandhi with confused ideals, ignorant knowledge base and an inconsiderate personality are nowhere even in line. However, Rahul Gandhi can continue putting in efforts and distancing the country from himself!

Trisha Jay


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