Rahul Gandhi calls PM Modi a “thief”, but let us reminds him how his family (from great grandfather to his mother) looted India

The Gandhi scion who once said “He [Narendra Modi] is the Prime minister of our country and he must be respected” when senior Congress leader Mani Shankar insulted the Prime Minister doesn’t stand on his own words even. In the greed of power the Congress President has stooped so low that today he called PM Modi a thief

During his election rally in the state of Rajasthan, which is going to elections soon, the Congress President attacked on PM Modi over his silence on the controversial Rafale deal Rahul said “Gali Gali Mein Shor hai, Hindustan ka Chowkidar Chor hai” which implies that the caretaker of India is a thief and this is known in every corner of the nation.

He further attacked Prime Minister by saying that after taking oath Prime Minister Modi said that he is just a chowkidar who will take care of every citizen of the country but all his moves to eradicate black money by demonetisation, imposing GST as ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ on small and medium traders, waiving off Rs 12 lakh crores NPA of banks caused by 15 big business tycoons, and allowing Vijay Mallya to flee the country have established that Modiji is no more a chowkidar.

But we want to remind Congress President how his family from great grandfather to his mother has looted India. We want to remind him it’s he and his family who are the biggest thieves looting nation and our Prime Minister Modi is our saviour

The Congress President before calling PM Modi a thief must look at A-Z of scams done by his party. A for Aadarsh Scam, B for Bofors Scam, C for CWG, D for Devas Antrix, E for Employee Guarantee Scheme Scam, F for Fodder Scam, G for Ghaziabad Provident Fund Scam, H for Harsha Mehta Stock Market Scam, I for IPL scam, J for Junior Banking Officer’s Training Recruitment Scam, K for Ketan Parekh Market Scam, L for LIC Housing Scam, M for Madhu Koda Scam, N for Non-banking Financial Companies Scam, O for Oriental Banking Scam, P for Punjab State Council of Education Research and Training Scam, Q for Quest for Gold Scam, R for Ration Card Scam,  S for Satyam Scam, T for Telecom Scam, U for UTI Scam, V for Volkswagen Equity Scam, W for Westland Agusta Scam. X, Y, Z and the list is endless

The Congress President who himself along with his mother is out on bail in National Herald Case is pointing fingers on others. He has no right to say PM Modi a thief who from the initiation of his political career has selflessly worked for the people of the nation and has not even a single corruption charge against him.

This is really shameful to regard the Prime Minister of the nation with such abusive comments. How can such a person who doesn’t even maintain the decorum of political discourse aspire to be the next PM?

Source : Republic World