Rahul Gandhi can’t stand up for 52 seconds during national anthem but expect soldiers to fight for him in the border

We all know it is our duty to respect the decisions of the Supreme Court, no matter how much we personally disagree with it. However, it is a different thing when we have to stand through personal discomforts; and a completely different challenge when the nation’s concerns are disrespected.

It isn’t something that we can simply accept when a lesson we have been taught as a fundamental duty, is suddenly deemed ‘unnecessary’. We do not have much of a choice when the Supreme Court makes a decision, but when an unacceptable statement is backed by ‘leaders’ who call themselves progressive, we might as well throw at them the worst criticism we can.

Playing national anthem in movie theatres was a welcome move that has been received well by every Indian. However, the recent opinions by the court and a few ‘nationalist’ leaders that it is not necessary to stand for the national anthem has evoked anger within every patriotic Indian. Apparently the projected ‘face’ of Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi has expressed support for this agenda, stating that ‘it is a matter of choice’ of every individual to stand for the national anthem.

Standing for his support are the two Owaisis, Assaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi who back this statement, claiming that it is not a necessity to stand up for the national anthem. Their claim is that people go to movie theatres for entertainment, and it is not the place for show of patriotism. Movie viewers, according to these tyrants, can stay in their ‘relaxed’ state of mind and remain seated even during the national anthem.

Well, we’d rather ignore these inconsiderate statements than indulge in a wasteful discussion against it. However, it becomes a little difficult to ignore when people who envision leading the country deem it unnecessary to pay respect to the national anthem. It was Rahul Gandhi’s own father, the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who was willing to go against the Supreme Court to make it mandatory for every citizen to rise during the national anthem.

However, Rahul Gandhi is draining out whatever little reputation his ancestors had built for Indian National Congress through deeds like this one. While the country is abundantly blessed with patriots who serve the nation surviving dire conditions at the border, MR. Gandhi finds it ‘unnecessary’ for people to stand for 52 seconds. This man assumes that a simple show of respect for the country poses a threat to three hours of entertainment and relaxation at a movie theatre. Incredible load of crap – is all we can say to this.

It is evident that no Indian is welcoming this statement at all. Everyone believes that it isn’t a problem at all to rise for 52 seconds before a movie begins. While the initial decision to play the national anthem at the theatres received mixed opinions, this one is receiving just one – opposition.

We’ve all grown up believing that it is not just our fundamental right, but also a pride to rise for the national anthem and salute our tricolour. Our feet rise to attention as a reflex when the national anthem plays, regardless where we are. And it will remain the same for generations to come. No matter how many tyrants try to impose that it is ‘unnecessary’ to respect our national symbols, they’ll receive only one thing in return – inconsideration.

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Ashwini Jain