Rahul Gandhi challenges PM Modi! But the BJP puts out an video on Rahul Gandhi which is going viral

Rahul Gandhi is going through a series of bad times. At one end, senior Congress leaders are giving statements that are proving fatal to the Congress and at another end, Rahul Gandhi has scored a massive self-goal after inviting PM Modi for a 15-minute open challenge. He also said “I will grill him on Rafael deal and Nirav Modi issues. PM Modi will not be able to speak in front of me”.

But BJP has come up with unique video of Rahul Gandhi which is going viral. On Twitter, the BJP official handle posted the video of Rahul Gandhi with a caption “Rahul ji, we all want you to speak in Parliament… How can we let go off such fun!”.

The video was a collage of all the gaffes done by Rahul Gandhi in the parliament. That’s why BJP is eager to see him speak in the parliament and BJP stressed on the word “fun”.

People have even expressed doubt on whether Rahul Gandhi would survive a debate with PM Modi because the latter has a unique skill to decimate any kind of rival in a debate. Upon that, Congress is sinking in various scams even though they are not in power. So Rahul Gandhi is running out of issues to corner PM Modi.

A user said “First let him attend tuition for a year just to learn what to speak and how to speak. After 2024, a five-year course will keep him ready for a debate. Enough kidding”.

Prior to the video, the BJP spokesperson Dr Sambit Patra said that the man who cannot write two lines without looking at his mobile phone, he wants to speak for 15 minutes, slamming Rahul Gandhi. Dr Patra also said “When the last time you (Rahul Gandhi) were supposed to speak, you had said your words will cause an earthquake. However, when you spoke, you spoke about potato factory. Did you want to cause an earthquake by opening a potato factory? The man who doesn’t know where do potatoes grow and how a chips factory looks like, that man wants to speak for 15 minutes”.

BJP President slams Congress President!

The attack on Rahul Gandhi was continued by the BJP president Amit Shah who said that the Congress Party has yet again taken the only path it knows very well- of spreading hate and divisions in our society. “Mr. Rahul Gandhi and his party should stop their theatrics and aggression at the earliest. It is becoming increasingly clear that their Modi hatred is fast turning into India hatred. Blinded by disdain for the Prime Minister, they are using the choicest of words and phrases to show India in bad light” he added.

“The Congress Party’s ‘Save the Constitution’ campaign is both ironical and comical. In the history of post-1947 India, if there is one political party that has trampled over the Constitution in letter and spirit, time and again, it is the Congress Party” added Mr Amit Shah.

Mr Shah also accused Rahul Gandhi of insulting Dr BR Ambedkar by saying “When Mr. Rahul Gandhi says Congress made the Constitution, he is continuing his family legacy of humiliating Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar”.

Rahul Gandhi totally fell on the back foot after the senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid said that “I am also a part of the Congress so let me say it, we have blood on our hands. We are ready to show the blood on our hands so that you realise that you too must not get blood on your hands”.

Hansika Raj


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