Rahul Gandhi complains of unfinished work in Amethi, Piyush Goyal says “First visit Amethi, projects already completed”!

Rahul Gandhi has probably got slammed for his irresponsible attitude starting from senior politicians to a 2 year old kid. But what is stupid is, he has never learnt his lessons and continues to act silly  which has only made him more irrelevant in the political class.

Rahul Gandhi who is totally ignorant of any developments has developed the habit of lying venomously on every aspect just to gain media publicity. This time he has made an attempt to question Railway Minister Piyush Goyal of not completing railway projects in Amethi. This man who was not bothered about Amethi for the past 14 years, suddenly pretends to care for his people as he very well knows he is losing ground in the Gandhi bastion.

Gandhi wrote to Goyal on August 30, listing 10 things that were to be done at railway stations in Amethi, from where he has been elected three times, and said that there was “extremely slow progress” on these.

But Piyush Goyal who makes no mistake on quoting facts and numbers, sought details of each of 10 items mentioned in Gandhi’s letter, which included the improvement of passenger amenities at railway stations, doubling of the line, electrification, and the construction of a road over bridge. In his reply dated October 18, Goyal has said that works related to passenger amenities have been completed, and infrastructure-related work has been fast-tracked.

He added in his five-page reply that the Congress president should “visit the station and check before raising issues on the basis of misinformation.”

Railways minister’s letter also said that the improvement of passenger amenities works at Bani — which Gandhi mentioned was sanctioned in 2013-14 but is still in progress — has already been completed. On the doubling work between Raebareli-Amethi, Goyal, has said that there was no progress up to 2014 under the previous UPA government.

“Now the execution of this work is in full swing and it is expected that the Amethi-Jais section shall be commissioned by March 2019 and the Jais-Raibareli section shall be commissioned by December 2019,” Goyal said. Hindustan Times Report

Goyal specially asked Rahul Gandhi to visit his constituency so that he will see the progress of the work and the completed projects which were halted for years.

Following this, Rahul Gandhi has again faced massive embarrassment and  again gone into mute mode. Rahul Gandhi who is facing fierce competition in Amethi after BJP fielded Smriti Irani, is desperately trying to pose that he is working for Amethi. For 10 years, when his government was in power, he absolutely neglected Amethi and failed to visit Amethi 5 times. Most of the locals complained that Gandhis are seen only during elections and they vanish  for next 5 years.

But now, Rahul Gandhi is losing grip and is fearing a major defeat in his home constituency and is said to be looking for other options.

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