Rahul Gandhi continues with his blunders! Now says “BJP govts steal money from the state coffers and distribute to RSS”

Rahul Gandhi is the best in business when it comes to creating peculiar and unique blunders that could land him up in jail. Years ago Rahul Gandhi had lied that RSS had killed Mahatma Gandhi. But after a defamation case was filed against him and was made to revolve and rotate around the court, he made a smart u-turn.

Now, Rahul Gandhi has once again made a false allegation against the RSS and the BJP, this time its more serious and defamatory in nature. The Congress president made a wild, baseless allegation against the BJP and RSS by saying that the BJP led state governments steal the government money and hand it over to the RSS affiliated institutions.

This speech was made by Rahul Gandhi at the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meet and the Congress had even tweeted the video of this statement. But as soon as the party realized that this could create troubles for Rahul Gandhi, they deleted the video.

BJP steals money? Common Rahul Gandhi, please stop your lame jokes!

“The BJP governments steal money from the state coffers and pass it on to thousands of RSS-affiliated institutions” said Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi also said that the BJP-ruled states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh are secretly donating the money from government funds to the RSS’s institutions such as the Shishu Mandir schools.

Without any shame he again lied saying “thousands of such RSS institutions run on government money stolen by the BJP governments”.

Surprisingly, he even praised the RSS and the BJP as he asked the Congress leaders to learn from the modus operandi of the help extended by the BJP and the RSS to their cadres. He even said that the right-wings activists have sneaked into the government institutions.

But this is clearly an insult done by Rahul Gandhi to the government institutions. Unlike the Congress party that makes only the dynasts as its President, the Indian government institutions only select the candidates based on their merits.

Rahul Gandhi also says the tribals who were earlier voting for the Congress party, now votes for BJP!

The 48 year old youth icon ordered his leaders to infiltrate his party cadres in the government organisation. “We also will have to do that. Congress workers ask me whether our party will help them if we come to power (at the Centre and in the states)?” said Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi also informed the participants in the closed door meet that RSS and BJP is winning the voters from across all sections of the society. The same should be done by the Congress karyakarthas, he ordered.

“Earlier, when anyone asked the tribal people who did they vote for, their answer was the Congress. the situation has changed now. The same tribal people vote for the BJP now. Because the BJP and the RSS went and worked in the tribal areas and brainwashed them. We will also have to work among them and win them back” said Rahul Gandhi.

It is now clear that Rahul Gandhi is spreading lies and hate just to corner the BJP and RSS ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. It won’t be a surprise if the BJP and the RSS file another defamation case against Rahul Gandhi and push him into the jail.

Source: India Today

Hansika Raj


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