Rahul Gandhi enters into ‘Ladies Toilet’ during his Gujarat rally!!! Do you know what the locals did after this blunder?

It seems like Rahul Gandhi has considered ‘women empowerment’ quite seriously. After his United States visit which was a super flop, there was huge pressure on Rahul Gandhi to deliver a better performance. But he proved that he can never come up to his party expectations.

While attending an event in Chhota Udepur district, Rahul Gandhi created yet another spectacular record by entering into ladies toilet. When he was on his way out of the town hall after interacting with young people in the ‘Samvad’ event, he made a fun out of himself by entering into the ladies toilet.

Soon the news spread like wild fire as the media began to gather outside the toilet to record this historic scene on their camera. But the SPG that was with Rahul Gandhi dispersed the media so that they can save the youth icon from further embarrassment.

The entire crowd burst into laughter soon after Rahul Gandhi came out of the ladies toilet. Reports even said that the scene was recorded by the media persons present at the location.

Whether Rahul Gandhi purposely does such kind of gaffes or is he still so innocent? Well, it is still a mystery.

The social media users took it as another opportunity to troll this youth icon. One of the satirical twitter handle claimed that Rahul Gandhi entered ladies toilet as soon as the crowd chanted Modi-Modi.

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Timli’ Dance goes viral!!!

Prior to this, Rahul Gandhi gave a debut performance in the field of dance. Yes, he performed the ‘Timli’ dance with an intention to attract the tribal voters of Gujarat.

Rahul Gandhi can be seen holding a drum and gently moving his legs. This video was captured in the video, which is now going viral.

To sum up, the Gujaratis had a week full of fun due to the visit of Rahul Gandhi. His three day visit to Gujarat came to an end on Wednesday and as usual it was another huge victory for the BJP.

His rally was more of a comedy show rather than a political rally. At first he made a sexist remark on the women of RSS. But he was ripped apart by the RSS after it countered him with facts and figures.

Source: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/rahul-gandhi-ladies-toilet-gujarat-congress-tour/1/1066797.html

Hansika Raj