Rahul Gandhi faces massive embarrassment in his home turf Amethi, check how people protested against him!

Looks like Amethi is soon slipping away from the hands of Rahul Gandhi. The Gandhi bastion which was held since the time of Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and now Rahul Gandhi may not be in their hands by next elections.

Rahul Gandhi faced a tough fight against Smriti Irani during the 2014 elections where he had to literally cross his fingers. But seems like the situation has turned much worse for Rahul since 2014. His constant neglect of the district since 15 years has made people realise that Rahul Gandhi’s promises were nothing but election gimmicks.While Smriti Irani has visited Amethi atlest 3-4 times since 3 years even though she lost the elections and involved herself in many developmental activities, Rahul Gandhi has hardly visited his constituency. Rahul Gandhi has not been able to deliver anything for Amethi since 15 years. Even today Amethi lacks basic roads and infrastructure, water facility and electricity.

Rahul Gandhi today visited Amethi as a part of revival plans in his home bastion. But what happened was a humiliating experience for the Congress President. Rahul was set to address people in Salon, a small village on the way to Amethi. But the moment he started to give speech, the locals started chanting slogans against Rahul Gandhi and asked him to leave the venue.

The people expressed anger over Rahul Gandhi’s false promises since 15 years and demanded answers as to why he has not fulfilled the promises made earlier?!

The embarrassment for Rahul Gandhi did not stop there, as one of the Congress MLA got into argument with a policemen and started abusing him in the crowd.

The worst was Rahul Gandhi’s rally gathered no attention of people and hardly 200 people attended his rally. There were more Congress workers than common people and the entire event turned out to be a flop show. Rahul Gandhi without realising the changing dynamics, gave the same old speech saying he will start a food park in Amethi if their government comes to power. This is the same promise which was made by Congress in 2010 and even after 8 years, the Congress has miserably failed to deliver the promise. Even after extending the deadline for tender 8 times, the Congress government did not sanction money for the park while they were in government. Sadly, those companies who came forward to set up the park complained about lack of infrastructure, road and electricity in the district.

But now Rahul Gandhi is making the same promises again which has angered people and made them chant slogans against him. Seems like Rahul Gandhi has lost his home turf and soon Amethi will be taken over by Smriti Irani. Rahul Gandhi who faced humiliation left the place immediately after his speech avoiding to answer media.


Aishwarya S


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