Rahul Gandhi faces the worst insult of the decade!!! He tried to troll PM Modi & GST with a lie, but what happened later was just hilarious

It was difficult for the Congress party to show its influence in the Gujarat assembly election. But the moment Rahul Gandhi began campaigning for his party, the chances of Congress party winning the election became impossible.

In a hurry to attack PM Modi and the GST, Rahul Gandhi once again gave out a statement filled with a lie. Let us have a look at his blatant lie on Twitter.

“India does not need a Gabbar Singh Tax. We want a true GST. Congress, along with the people of India, fought for and ensured reduction in items in 28% bracket. Next we will fight for one rate, with a cap at 18%. If BJP doesn’t do it, Congress will”.

Recently, after receiving several feedbacks from the public, the Modi government decided to retain only 50 products in the 28 percent tax bracket. But Rahul Gandhi’s greed for fame tried to claim the credits for this historic decision of the Modi government.

Even a child knows that Modi government removed several items from the 28% tax bracket as the traders and the customers felt the heat. But Rahul Gandhi lied that the government reduced the tax due to the protest carried out by Congress party. What else can happen? The people bashed Rahul Gandhi for such cheap politics.

A twitterati couldn’t tolerate the new sense anymore. He bashed the Congress vice-President Rahul Gandhi who once said that Hindu organizations are worst than the terrorists. Here is what Rahul Gandhi said in the year 2009, “the bigger threat (to India) may be the growth of radicalized Hindu groups, which create religious tensions and political confrontations with the Muslim community”.

The below twitterati seems to be a fortune teller. He predicted that Rahul Gandhi’s party may face trouble to even get four seats in the 2019 General elections.

This is called the level of confidence. The below twitterati is sure that Congress will never make any step in favor of the people of India.

Nailed it!!! This proves that PM Modi has made the complex Indian tax system into a public friendly taxation.

Yes, “how can there be one rate with a cap?” Isn’t Rahul Gandhi bluffing?


This is what exactly the Gandhi family is doing since decades. Someone works for the nation but the credit is taken by the Gandhi family. Henceforth this won’t happen in India.

Rahul Gandhi’s statement indicates that he will increase the tax on all the necessary items. Are you skocked? Look at the detailed explanation in the below tweet.

The funeral of Congress is on the way!!!

The below tweet indicates that Congress is in a confused state of mind filled with hate towards PM Modi!!!

Hansika Raj