Rahul Gandhi flees to Wayanad! Why Congress chooses Wayanad for Rahul Gandhi?

Congress is well aware of the fact that this time their beloving President Rahul Gandhi is not going to win from his once stronghold Amethi at any cost. So in order to save himself from the embarrassment the party started one moment long back

Some of the other state leaders started requesting their President to fight from the constituencies in their respective states. Firstly, former Karnataka CM requested and wrote to Congress President for fighting the election from Karnataka citing the reason that all members of Gandhi Family has fought and won from Karnataka so Congress President Rahul Gandhi should also fight from there. Infact Karnataka has always saved the Gandhi Family when their popularity starts to fade away

Then Congress Kerala Unit Chief requested Congress President to fight from constituency in Kerala. And finally the Congress President has accepted the request to fight from Wayanad Kerala. Today senior Congress leader AK Antony announced that Congress President will also contest from Wayanad along with Amethi

The reality of all this drama is Congress President has jumped the ship because of the fear of opposition contender Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani. The party in any way doesn’t want to lower the morale of their President and want to ensure his moral victory as well as some other resort to save him from the humiliating defeat

In 2004 and 2009, the Congress President came out victorious with a huge margin from Amethi, finishing with more than double the votes of the runners-up. But in 2014, Rahul Gandhi faced a tough fight against Smriti Irani where he had to literally cross his fingers. Rahul Gandhi won just over 4 lakh votes, and got 46.71 % vote share in 2014. Smriti Irani came a close second, winning over 3 lakh seats with a vote share of 34.38%. And after that the situation has turned much worse for Congress President

His constant neglect of the district since 15 years has made people realise that Rahul Gandhi’s promises were nothing but election gimmicks. While Smriti Irani has visited Amethi many times since 2014 even though she lost the elections Rahul Gandhi has hardly visited his constituency.

Rahul Gandhi has not been able to deliver anything for Amethi since 15 years. Even today Amethi lacks basic roads and infrastructure, water facility and electricity.

And Moreover Congress President has choosed Wayanad because Wayanad consist of 45 % Muslims and the Congress party very well know that if Congress President fights from there, there is not much need of election campaigning and he can win from Wayanad very easily

Anyhow Congress can opt to any strategy but nothing can save the party from the humiliating defeat in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections