Rahul Gandhi forms alliance with Pakistan for 2019 Lok Sabha elections! Pakistan Minister openly campaigns for Rahul Gandhi and insults India

For the first time in the history of India, the campaign of a political party is being managed by Pakistan. Yes, in a sensational news break the evidence has emerged to prove that Pakistan is involved in doing the backdoor work to dethrone PM Modi and make Rahul Gandhi the PM of India.

This link between Rahul Gandhi and Pakistan was exposed after ex-Pakistan minister and even the current minister openly supported Rahul Gandhi in a series of tweet. Rehman Malik, former Pakistani minister went on to announce to the Indians that Rahul Gandhi would be the next prime minister of India and therefore Indians should respect him.

He didn’t stop his love towards Rahul Gandhi there itself. Rehman Malik went on to mock the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RAW. Later on he even went on to praise Rahul Gandhi’s foolish gimmicks around the Rafale Deal. Rehman Malik claimed that Rahul Gandhi exposed the Rafale Scam (the scam that never took place).

Even the vocal supporters of PM Modi were abused and called names by the Pakistani politician a.k.a Rahul Gandhi’s election campaigner.

Have a look at the series of tweets made by the Pakistani politician that indicates that Pakistan is doing behind the screen work to help Rahul Gandhi win the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Not just Rehman Malik, the present I&B minister of Pakistan, Fawad Hussain, hooked on to Rahul Gandhi’s tweets as reference to attack BJP. He had tweeted, “These tweets explain BJP led Tirade against Pakistan, Apni Jang Khud Lado”.

This makes it clear that the Pakistan is hell bent to make Rahul Gandhi the prime minister of India. Now the question is what are the benefits that Pakistan gets if Rahul Gandhi becomes the prime minister of India in 2019?

BJP brought this “international Alliance” that is taking place to defeat PM Modi in 2019 to the Indians!

Exposing the election contract between Rahul Gandhi and Pakistan ministers, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said “What is it that Congress and Pakistan have in common? The commonality is the frustration of both and their only aim is to somehow remove Modi Ji from Indian polity. Is there an international alliance against PM Modi?”.

Sambit Patra added “The first tweet is from Pakistan’s I&B Minister. He took to Twitter on 22nd September 2018 and attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India. He then quotes Rahul Gandhi Tweets. Earlier, Rahul Gandhi wrote in his tweet “The PM and Anil Ambani jointly carried out a One Hundred & Thirty Thousand Crore, SURGICAL STRIKE on the Indian Defence”. forces. This is not only demeaning the surgical strike on Pakistan but also it’s a mockery of the army and none other than by our own Indian men. This is now being used by Pakistan Ministers to target India”.

He continued to expose the nexus between Rahul Gandhi and Pakistan ministers by saying “Rehman Malik wrote that Rahul Gandhi will be next Prime Minister. He tweeted this on 23rd September 2018. Pakistan Ministers are now campaigning for Pakistan. Unfortunately even Imran Khan termed PM Modi as a ‘small man’. Pakistan wants Rahul Gandhi to lead. Those who favours corruption want Rahul Gandhi to move ahead. Dynasts want Rahul Gandhi to become PM. Those who want to do politics wants him to be PM. However, Dalit and poor want PM Modi to come into power again in 2019. Is this thread of commonality between cong and Pakistan a mere coincidence?”.

Source: Ex-Pakistan Minister Openly Campaigns For Rahul Gandhi As PM While Calling For The Ouster Of Narendra Modi

‘Is There An International Alliance Against PM Modi?’ Questions BJP, After Pakistan Ministers Campaign For Rahul Gandhi

Hansika Raj