Rahul Gandhi gave big lectures about respecting elders, but fails to pay respects to his own party member P V Narasimha Rao on his birth anniversary!

PV Narasimha Rao was one of the finest Prime Minister of India who opened the doors for liberalizing the Indian Economy. His team along with Subramanian Swamy were the ones who straightened the Indian economy in 1991 after a massive downfall.

The sad part is, his enormous efforts and sincere work almost went unnoticed in the Dynastic party of Congress. Sonia Gandhi who was at the helm of power literally sidelined PV Narasimha Rao in every aspect. His contributions were not valued, his economic policies were not recognised but he was depicted as a failure in the political field. The only reason was because PVR was never a dynasty slave and he overruled many of Sonia Gandhi’s decision which made her go against him. For PVR it was the country which came first and not the Maa-Beta formula which many followed.

The Gandhi family infact developed hatred and grudge towards PV Narasimha Rao to an extent that Sonia Gandhi did not even allow his body to be kept in Congress headquarters after his death. The family of PVR had an intention for cremating the body in Delhi as it was his Karmabhoomi. He had spent more than 3 decades of his life in Delhi serving the country holding many cabinet positions and Prime Minister. But the hatred of Sonia Gandhi was so intense that she made sure that all her Congressmen pressurized PVR’s family to shift the body to Hyderabad.

While travelling from Delhi to Hyderabad, his son wanted to keep the body of PVR for few minutes in 24 Akbar Road which is the Congress headquarters, but Sonia Gandhi was such a cold-hearted person that she ordered not to open the gates of Congress headquarters. The isolation of PVR went to such extent that after his cremation was done and the pyre was lit, not one Congress person or officials stayed there till the end. A book written by Vinay Sitapati, said, that while the body of PVR was only half burnt, a stray dog had even tried to tear his body. This was the condition of PVR.

The only reason Sonia Gandhi humiliated him so much was that he was never a slave to her and stood by his decisions. Even after 14 years of his death and insult, the Congress party follows the same arrogance towards him.

Before it was Sonia Gandhi who humiliated him in his death, now her son Rahul Gandhi is carrying the same legacy of arrogance, pride and disrespecting elders. Rahul Gandhi who gave lectures to PM Modi about respecting elders has to first look at a mirror and question himself as to why did he forget to pay respects to one of the finest Prime Minister’s of the country??? The dynasts have the habit of insulting everyone who do not salute them, be it Prime Minister or even President of India. The pride of being powerful is in their blood.

Rahul Gandhi and his mom should feel ashamed of themselves for displaying utter arrogance against a statesman. This is what is the true culture of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi!!!

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