Rahul Gandhi gets embarrassed as the Parliamentary Panel headed by Shashi Tharoor hails Modi govt’s handling of Doklam standoff

In what is called as a big setback to Rahul Gandhi’s efforts to portray that the Modi government failed to handle the Doklam conflict, the parliamentary panel has praised the Modi government’s efforts in handling the Doklam standoff.

Why this is a tight slap on Rahul Gandhi is because the standing committee on external affairs was headed by none other than senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. What is more hilarious is that Rahul Gandhi was one of the member of the panel.

The parliamentary committee report said “the committee would commend the government’s overall handling of the crisis as it managed to send necessary signals to China that India will not acquiesce in its unilateral and forceful attempts to change the status quo at any of India’s territorial boundaries”.

The committee also urged the Modi government to frequently be in touch with the Bhutan government so to keep an eye on the Chinese by saying “It has also been informed to the committee that Chinese had built the track across Batang La-Meruga-La-Sinchela Ridge Line over the last 25 years. It has been clear to the committee that PLA took advantage of the absence of Bhutanese troops in Bhutan’s territory”.

The committee even cautioned the Modi government by speaking on the cunning intentions of the Chinese by saying “Even if they have withdrawn their troops from Doklam for the time being, China’s strategic intentions should not be taken casually”.

Rahul Gandhi loses again: He roamed nation to nation to prove that India lost the Doklam standoff

When the Indian armed forces were breaking the ego of the Chinese at the Doklam borders, Rahul Gandhi had secretly met the Chinese envoys. But when this was leaked to the media, the Congress said that their president Rahul Gandhi never met the Chinese, but when the photo evidence emerged, the Congress party had to confess that Rahul Gandhi indeed met the Chinese and cheated the Indians, especially the Indian soldiers.

Rahul Gandhi didn’t stop his traitor mentality there itself as he went on to display it in his London visit. He had claimed “Doklam is not an isolated issue. It was a part of a sequence of events, it was a process. If he (PM Modi) was carefully watching the process, he could’ve stopped it. Truth is the Chinese are still in Doklam today”.

He had even made a bizarre argument on PM Modi’s recent China visit saying “He went recently to China and did not discuss Doklam. They had a conversation without an agenda … a non-agenda conversation … somebody comes in, slaps you across the face and you have a non-agenda conversation”.

But when Rahul Gandhi was asked how he would have had handled the Doklam issue, he said “I don’t have the details of Doklam. So I cannot answer how I would have handled it differently. What I can say to you, is that Doklam is not an unrelated episode”.

But in reality, this was a lie. How could Rahul Gandhi say that he didn’t have any idea on the Doklam issue? He was included in the parliamentary panel that studied the Doklam military standoff between India and China. So even after that if he don’t have any idea, then he is not fit to be a pubic servant.

Source:Hindustan Times

Hansika Raj


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