Rahul Gandhi gets slammed by Former Director of SPG Vivek Srivastav for spreading false news!

Rahul Gandhi has a terrible habit of blatantly lying on every issue. Whether he realises the seriousness of the issue is something one wouldn’t understand as he speaks absolute nonsense without proof or documents.

Just like how a 10 year old kid keeps ranting without understanding the implications, Rahul Gandhi speaks on every issue despite having no knowledge on the subject. Rafale deal is typical example which Rahul Gandhi has grabbed to attack Modi government. He has made the most stupid claims one can image and changed his stance more than 4 times while quoting the prices of Rafale.

His stupidity went to such extent that he lied against the French President and France government on the floor of the house after which the French government had to issue clarification. But his stupidity did not end there and went on to say that French President was a liar. When he was questioned on the lies, he did not even dare to face the cameras and ran away from Parliament.

This man has again made a ridiculous claim against the SPG (Special Protection Group) security chief for which he has been slammed right and left. Rahul Gandhi few days back claimed that the Chief of SPG had spoken to him and said he had to quit the job as he was not comfortable working with the officers as they were all selected by RSS.

This claim went viral and people started demanding Rahul Gandhi to name the person who revealed this information. While Rahul Gandhi only made a wild allegation and failed to provide proof, his claims were against called bluff.

But the SPG which took the issue very seriously issues a statement today saying….“It has been reported in a section of the media that Rahul Gandhi, during an interaction at New Delhi on Sept 22, had commented that  “The SPG Chief appointed by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to quit because he refused to accept list of SPG officers handpicked by RSS.  The matter has been verified. The officer in question, Vivek Srivastava, former Director, Special Protection Group (SPG), has specifically averred that he did not have any such conversation with Rahul Gandhi at any point of time” confirmed the MHA.

SPG is a fool proof and highly reputed institution which gives protection to Prime Ministers and their families, at no point in time can their commitment be questioned or doubted. The appointment policy of the SPG is also highly confidential and top class which does not allow any organisation or political parties to influence their ideology into the system.

Making an irresponsible comment against such institution shows the shallow thinking and childish behavior of Rahul Gandhi who still cannot understand the implications. More than being a leader, Rahul Gandhi is turning out to be an irresponsible mindless third rated politician who has no regard for security forces, nor soldiers and is demeaning every institution of the country.

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