Rahul Gandhi, Indian or British? Congress chief in serious trouble after Amethi EC officer orders postponement of his nomination paper scrutiny

The Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has landed in yet another trouble after the Amethi EC officer ordered postponement of Rahul Gandhi’s nomination paper scrutiny to April 22. Rahul Gandhi’s nomination was scheduled to be scrutinized today but after objections were raised, it has been postponed to 22nd April. An independent candidate named Dhruv Lal from Amethi, who was one among the persons to file objections, said that there were several differences in Rahul Gandhi’s nominations.

His lawyer Ravi Prakash said “There are three basic issues we have raised. One of the issues we have raised is on the basis of a certificate of incorporation of a company registered in the UK wherein he has declared himself a UK citizen”.

He added “On what basis has he become a British citizen? And, how did he obtain Indian citizenship now? Unless there is clarity over the matter, we have requested the Returning Officer not to accept Rahul Gandhi nomination paper. His education qualifications don’t match in the documents. He has used the name ‘Raul Vinci’ in his college and there are no certificates available in the name of Rahul Gandhi (/search?query=Rahul Gandhi).”

He continued exposing Rahul Gandhi stating “So, we are asking is Rahul Gandhi and Raul Vinci the same person? If it is not the case then we demand that he gives his original educational certificates, so that these can be verified”.

It is clear that a person who holds citizenship of foriegn nations can’t contest in elections in India. Dr Subramanian Swamy has been saying the same since years. Today after this news broke out, Dr Swamy said that Rahul Gandhi had filed income tax returns in UK during 2004-2006 as a British Citizen while MP in India.

If this is true, then Rahul Gandhi is in serious trouble ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.