Rahul Gandhi instructed us to shout slogans during PM Modi’s speech reveals Congress leader!

Rahul Gandhi has once again proved that he has no respect for democracy or parliament. It was 4 years back, when Congress was in government and Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi had torn the ordinance passed by the parliament of India saying it was nonsense. The entire country had then questioned Rahul Gandhi’s behaviour and his arrogance towards a parliamentary decision.

Today once again Rahul Gandhi disrespected the Parliament by instructing his MPs to disrupt the speech of Narendra Modi by shouting and screaming. This was revealed by none other than a member of Congress party to Indian Today.

This news was revealed few hours back to India Today journalist by a Congress member. He said that it was Congress president Rahul Gandhi who came up with the idea of protest based on “guerrilla-style” war technique.

He said that Congress MPs were asked to come to Parliament around 12 PM and prepare to raise slogans against PM Modi continuously in the Parliament and never let him speak. But what is surprising is, he said Sonia Gandhi was not very supportive of this idea and was hesitant as it may backfire. But however, Rahul Gandhi is said to have given nod to raise slogans in the Parliament. The entire plan was executed by Jyotiraditya Scindia, the party’s whip in Lok Sabha said the Congress leader.

He said all the placards were printed in the Congress parliament office and we were asked to bring them to the Parliament. But while the MPS were shouting on the floor, “it was Sonia Gandhi who passed toffees and chocolates to prevent our throats from becoming sore,” said the Congress leader.

This statement by Congress leader has completely exposed the sick mentality of Rahul Gandhi and utter disrespect to Parliament and democracy. Many times before he and his family have mocked India calling it Banana Republic and Pakoda Republic. Now, they have gone to the extent of holding the entire Parliament to ransom just to save himself from direct questions. This was a very obvious move by Rahul Gandhi who gets worried about Modi speeches where he rips them with his proofs and facts. So, Rahul Gandhi’s main intention was to disturb PM Modi’s speech there by preventing him from telling truth.

But what happened in Parliament would have shocked Rahul Gandhi as well, since PM Modi out shouted all the 46 Congress MPs and literally demolished their argument. The Congress was distracted and were out of words when PM Modi made a direct attack against Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

So now we very well know whose dirty ideas and cheap tricks these are. People should only realise that if you make a brainless joker occupy the highest seat of a party, this is bound to happen.

Aishwarya S


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